10 EASIEST Beginner Butterfly Knife Tricks to learn FIRST

10 EASIEST Beginner Butterfly Knife Tricks that exist-

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Hope this video benefits you all! This is mainly for people who have just started flipping and need help trying to know what tricks to learn. If you need any help, contact us on our social media down below or in the comments.

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Links to all tricks shown in this video:

1. Openings- https://youtu.be/CJfAGMvTYH4
2. Wrist Pass- https://youtu.be/uKeaV9lwai4
3. Basic Twirl- https://youtu.be/a78aTMv-IZw
4. Zen Rollover- https://youtu.be/7X5uXgJYktw
5. Y2K- https://youtu.be/rGgX0Cx2jrY
6. Basic Aerial- https://youtu.be/lfEgqFZPsRE
7. Gambler’s Dagger- https://youtu.be/nFvtYL4uWAM
8. Upward Swing Handle Switch- https://youtu.be/-QmDWW4C0e8
9. Fan Flourish- https://youtu.be/1BrjSLUSfnk
10. Fanning- https://youtu.be/Paodu4ZnwV0
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THE YANG says:

What’s this intro song

晋贤Jxian says:

If you still cant learn this , just press F

Robert Wood says:

What model knife is this and where can I order one

ColterSevenths7777 says:

Oh my goodness thank you so much! I got my first butterfly knife today. Wanting to do tricks like CS:GO, and that third trick was so easy, and easy to learn to do really quick, so I feel like a CS:GO character now.

Bårdi collie says:

Got the instructions wrong.. now my fingers all over the table….

łøšēr._. kåi says:

This actually works xD

Landon Hancock says:

What balisong is that

Gold Dragon Ghost says:


Tilly Wilde says:

leaning so much

John Usher says:

Does anyone which one is the csgo trick

onyour left says:

You got your dads face lol

xXForeverXx says:

That’s hot, nice vid

Roblox The Northan Frontier TREY says:

Just cut me self at 3:03 lel

MBninja says:

me: **drops trainer blade**
her: “and that is how you do this one”

what am I doing ? says:

I cant wait to get arrested in Canada!

theben mario10 says:


oo f says:

wow i did it but i failed one and my finger bleed XD

Hunter Buchberger says:


satan is my sugar daddy says:

butterflyknives are forbidden in germany :((

Mask Tv says:

Dam she is cool

SADCOCK1970 says:

How loose should the joins be? Mine is very loose but wobbles.

John Smith says:

I think butterfly knives are so cool…but I’m in Canada.

Atreyus Ninjaaa??? says:

Dislike for legs

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