$20 Amazon Balisong Trainer. Best Cheap Butterfly knife trainer. Toptens

Whats shaking homies today I got a really cool balisong trainer up for unboxing and review. This is the Tactical trainer balisong practice butterfly knife made by toptens. This is only 20 bucks and is sold on amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GNP3SMW?ie=UTF8&tag=dylakowa-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B07GNP3SMW . This is really cool because people always ask me what is the best balisong and I now finally have an answer. This really is the best cheap butterfly knife for beginners. This is great because you can learn all your beginner balisong tricks and not have to worry about cutting yourself before moving on to a live blade. This comes in 3 colors and make sure to check it out. I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

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speedy yoyoer 50 says:

What about a bear and son or cheap benchmade

Biscuitt says:

It’s a clone… I believe it’s a copy of the ELB mamba

Aaron Donally says:

it does run on bearings

Kris Foward says:

Im actually thinking to pick one of these up. Could you file and edge on it, do you think?

Random Adventure Vlogs says:

How much do you make a year from youtube?
P.S do you have another job

Luke G says:


Brock Nasty says:

These look neat for 20 bucks but over a month for shipping 🙁 sheesh. Not available for amazon prime and it’s estimated to arrive after Christmas lol

Nightbots boyfriend no homo says:

Thx 4 the vid

Balisong in the key of G says:

I bought a red one and a black one this past summer. It really is a great trainer for the price.

joostborst says:

I almost bought this just too check it out, but I could not believe it was real g10 and titanium. Would like to know if hold up longer then a week. You should review these things after a month or so. That’s when they usually fall apart.

Kevin Velazco says:

I love the new set up Dylan, and what a time to get into Balisong, will you be doing more spin top stuff in the future?

Or_throw_dox_Masen Molina says:

The live blade version is available in red on AliExpress.

the please enter your gf's # below. thx says:

This or the 16$ one

Zachary Pate says:

Make more yo-yo vids not like I don’t like these but I love your yo-yo reviews

Alex Loose Cannon B says:

Super sad and disappointed that it didn’t come because I really had a passion for learning to flip Balisong and I couldn’t afford the $150 ones

Athan Poh says:


Casey M says:

do they ship to Australia

Brock Nasty says:

No inlays but titanium liners* I think you mean 😉 lol and no idea if it’s accurate but amazon says it has bearings in the pivot for more smooth action lol idk

Matt licks Toes says:


SomeKidNamedBrody says:

I was actually thinking of buying this

Young Pocket says:

i bet these fall apart after two weeks, there are NO quality trainers on amazon.

Alex Loose Cannon B says:

Ordered it already on November 30th they told me I wouldn’t receive it until December 20th or January 19th then they said it came to my house on December 15th with no picture that it came in my door and I never got it and I paid for it do not order this knife you will never get it it’s a scam I’m surprised this guy even got his off of Amazon or maybe I just had bad luck

mauxx97 says:

Red anodized titanium liners on a $20 usd balisong, yeah ofc

Kurt Wernz says:

Break edge or edge blend

L Klose says:

Beveled is the word I think you were looking for.

Erdrin Rex says:

I’m sorry mate but it’s definitely not titanium

Thicc Boi says:

A review on a knife you’ve never taken apart

Michael Cowan says:

Titanium liners.

Hells Fury says:

Kowalski analysis

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