$4 ebay Butterfly knife / Balisong // comb version

Review and test of the $4 Butterfly knife or Balisong from ebay.
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WeeabooDan says:

I live in Australia and trainers are allowed

Sacha Kelly says:

Yeah your not an expert

GD Antrogis says:

i had a this since. It’s pretty nice. It does get loose sometimes, you can fix this with a little bit of loctite and its perfect!

Demonically Blue says:

“Im not an expert at flipping butterfly knives”
*Proceeds to do insanely awesome tricks.*


Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi

I now regret that

xKitty says:

“Not an expert” my ass

Matthew C says:

1:09 You did the trick AMAZINGLY, may I ask how did you learn to do that

Raze_Noodlez says:

Can I check it in the airport as hand carry?

Max Rafter says:

Have you tried to get one in through customs

waffle 658 says:

what did the knife say to the elephant?

*read more*

gamer boy37 says:

everything is iligal in astalia

Abdullah The Abandoned Gamer says:

is this illegal in australia?

ZANDAR_ says:

I’m not an expert *flips at the speed of sound*

Mareeco says:

is this illegal in germany ?

sammy kalamkar says:

“I do not claim to be an expert on butterfly knives”

Proceeds to flip the knife as if he were inviting god back the this world

VinTB says:

How do you do that tricks man omfg thats sick

Josh Welch says:

“Im not a expert or anything

Xtoxicflame 18 says:

So i cant use it like a regular comb?

Jaffacake Gaming says:

What do you recommend for fixing the loose screws?

SZABLT04 says:

Has it broken of anything or any problems?

Emil Iversen Røkås says:

I have not even allowed to get this comb

Vuurwerkjunk _NL says:

Im i the only one that want to sharpen the.back of it

Ꮪ Ꭲ Ꮎ Ꭱ Ꮇ says:

Metal or plastic

corgidog says:

Hmm, during the seventies irish gangs used to buy these instead of real balisongs because they would leave small deep cuts that couldn’t be stitched closed, I’m honestly surprised they even sell these anymore.

Liam Turner says:

you may say your not an expert but you look like one

ZANDAR_ says:

Why do they put the Combs on trainers

Dirty Bong Water says:

Wow you can’t even own a real butterfly knife over there? Sorry your country is run by commies

Division Nebula says:

1:09 So humble.

Valen Ablon says:

Can i have a free butter fly comb..im so poor i cant buy anything…

xXSYSXx XWAR says:

This guy is a fucking pro

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