$40 CS:Go butterfly knife (trainer) [Full Review] (60fps)

The full review of the low cost, yet high Quality Cs:Go butterfly knife trainer.
After hours of flipping this $40 knife, Does it still live up to the hype?
Let’s find out!

Get it on amazon here: (Be sure to ONLY buy from the seller ‘loveyoyo’)

Or buy it on cuts’s website:

You can use the code: Wild
to save %10! (Note, I DO NOT make any commissions from cutss)

00:00 -Intro
00:18 -Review starts
00:34 – Specs / price
00:56 – problem with review model
01:36 – the finish
02:09 – handle adjustment / screws
02:36 – Can you do tricks with it?
02:56 – Tricks take practice.
03:16 – safety concerns?
03:58 – grips
04:17 – spring latch issues.
04:42 – Conclusion
05:19 – end card.

Music-free version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV7g405_sRc

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Andy Payne says:

I just learned a helix

Boiling Reath says:

I hate trainers I get real knives and I’m 12

LegIIt says:

it came in minimal wear

roceratoman jura says:

you can still stab someone

Dylan Gt Vortex kelo says:

ur phone looked broke lol

JOKER Hahahaaa says:


Razor Reznov says:

Wow I rather buy this knife in real life then to buy some fking virtual knife lmao

DAILY Gaming Mate says:

i have a butterfly knife in CSGO but its red

ORANGECZ006 says:

Does it matter if my handle isn’t curved

And it’s a real knife

ArcticMage says:

i love how the irl knifes are cheaper than the pixelated ones

Dimas Lima says:

i paid 7 bucks for mine and its identical

Jonathan Hennecke says:

Lol he says it doesn’t scratch easily yet it scratches from normal open and close

Da Boi says:

He is black im out (jk)

Will Bennett says:

Is the knife sharp?

Drone Veiw says:

Use o rings for the latch

Dragon Reaper says:

I want a butterfly knife,but I’m 9 years old,fuck.

Sl1p Bread says:

I just got this knife

Márk Marti says:

bro you can’t even open that shit 😀

Supreme says:

I’m gonna try and order a butterfly knife. they are illegal in Canada

AbigosGames says:

this butterfly cut?

haikal thefighter says:

i want dis knife

The Russian Meme God says:

Its not scratched. Its field tested.

Unity _ says:

i lost a slaughter about 2 years ago, then my mom boughty me a black night, fast foward to today, i ws playing ping pong with my bro, then i followed my ball then it led me to my slaughter!! now i have 3 butterfly knives

alex fritzsche says:

I have a trainer myself and I know a couple of the cs go animations but I’m having trouble with the backstab animation, any tips?

BOBdotEXE says:

The full review is finally here!
And I *may* have gone a little overboard with the 00:18 long intro, but it’s much more tame then the original…

David Sorokins says:

Yeah that exact same knife for fricking £14 on Amazon

Andru Medina says:

Does it cut +BOBdotEXE

RockLink GB says:

40 dollars?… i preffer buy a csgo knife on steam than buy a trainer for 40 dollars

Alex Repp says:

hey it is not fade it is case hardened

Iggy Harl says:

Pretty much all the csgo knives are super unpractical to use is pretty much any situation

Siriflex says:

I want one so bad but my parents won’t even let me have a dull one 🙁

Dragonphen HD says:

my school confiscated my plastic balisong toy and my classmate’s real balisong was not because the reason was for cooking lessons.

Uriel Vega says:

are curved ones better than straight ones?

Game-Byte says:


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