Arc Angel Balisong Review

I give my take on the Arc Angel, make sure to roast me in the comments.


Donkeyflips says:

Spear point is gay

Nanchi Knives says:

Ya more arc angels lol

bbnguyen92 says:

Any word on that maker that makes arch angels?

syracuse orangemen says:

This guy could suck a golf ball through a garden hose

Erdrin Rex says:

What does the knife run on, bushings or washers

Cheafy275 says:

Nice Lo-fi intro

bbnguyen92 says:

Intro song name?

Mandy S says:

I” know people who literally oil their arcangel every single day :)=” yaaa 😉

StickySyrup says:

Review the maxace scorpius

kolijahc says:

you can do shit to carbon steel to keep it from rusting. Powdercoat, bluing, or even some ghetto ratchet shit like a patina from apple cider vinegar.

Sky. MoOv says:

Your video is so good men

Inspectah deck says:

Do you have a cigarette in your ear?

Anonymous1 says:

So want a Bowie style arc angel.

Jeff Kaplan says:

Do an atropos demon review

Ryan Dalton says:

New favorite balisong related YouTube channel

Titasium says:

gel pens for life !!! regular pens are shit

Altered Lines says:

Good job on the review Daniel, hopefully I’ll be getting AA from Mr. Ralph in under a year

MEME star says:

Yo if you want the song its called Driver-eye of truth
yo caviar pin this please!!

RedOrb says:

Hey look it’s a new video by Casey Neistat! WITH KNIVES!

syntax says:

casey neistat of balis

Huiz says:

Yo did those airbuds come free with your autism diagnosis or what?

Mawo Duffer says:

I usually oil my rustable knives with coconut oil if I’m not going to use them for a while.
Have you thought about a Patina finish?

Y4GZ1 says:

how much is that knife?

I am Gay says:

I like the Lofi intros you do man

Bird Pooling says:

Why the Fuck are you letting little kid play with your alpha beast

Blimbo says:

How do you only have 145 subs?

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