Artisan Cutlery made an automatic butterfly knife?? Whaaaaaa… check out Artisan Cutlery here:

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ElectricBlueSRT says:

Best so far

Anthony Campos says:

also that unnamed knife should be called the fractal.
also im deff gonna get that kinetic tool but hopefully it will come with a blade you can purchase separately or the tool you can swap out to make it legal to carry.

DarkWoodPicks says:

And there goes my paycheck

Chuck says:

Ought to add links for purchasing.

Scott Yi says:

I would call it the prisim

Sace From Rio And Sace Hi says:

Tiny bitch hands…..nice

Slick Slicers says:

The Fulcrum is a straight ADV, surely?

OspreyBravo18 says:

That balisong blew my mind. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed.

Sam Cruze says:

Haha tiny bitch hands

radradroadbot says:

what the fuuuuuu? that thing is so rad I’m almost mad about it

Howard Adderly says:

6:12 yes
8:10 oh my god

tomxaak says:

I want that proof of concept knife!

xavier valdez says:

Zack just made a great name for that un named knife. Fractal describes it perfectly

pux1G says:

aquaman knife

Gavin Fernandes says:

How’d he close the knife at 2:11??

Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid) says:

It can auto close in reverse is awesome

John N. says:

Pretty cool…can it run Skyrim though

Immediatesword says:

It’s crazy how much Artisan has grown over the past three years. I’m proud of them for being able to make it so far 🙂

SchranzHans says:

love it, new knives i can pay for 😀

mr manatee says:

great customer service from artisan

J Chaffin says:

Sounds like a salesman

K1dD3ath says:

I hope to see the Bali-auto come in a combo with both the tool blade and a knife blade
I hope there is more than one kind of blade.

Wesley Hemphill says:

Its kinetic. Once they can can add a blade that cuts, they should call it Connecticut!

Scott Hill says:

Auto Balisong, the ultimate fidget knife.  This will drive wives and girl friends nuts as the guy flips these things around constantly.

Eric Dreier says:

When does the pangalen come out! I need that

White Knights of the Round Table says:

2X banned lol

Ethan Stang says:

A pry bar on a folder.. just make a dagger bladed one

el burro de mal says:

Tiny bitch hands lol

Alfredo Salazar says:

Did he say “ I got tiny bitch hands “ ?

GunTotinMinnesotan says:

@14:37 I take it that he’s glad to be there.

James who needs to know says:

Gravity and automatic it’s double the illegal well if you live in one of those States

Hunter Thomas says:

Ohio is the best knife state we can carry anything from friction folders to the auto Bali, the only down side is if you defend yourself with it and it’s ruled deadly (which is so stupid) you can be charged with felonys

Nathan Schmoekel says:

2:13 Push button CLOSE?! My head is spinning right now.

The Batch says:

Russel looks like Russel from UP.

Alex Baker says:

But was CRKT not at the shot show?

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