Bailyo Butterfly Knife Pen Review, I Got My Money’s Worth!

This is the best thing to do with your money don’t waste your money on regular pens when you can buy a butterfly knife and a pen in one hope you enjoyed!


Sean Tessman says:

Tip speak louder

Collin Hunt says:

i cant even hear u ffs

Yeti trap says:

Someone made a trainer knife in my metal class pretty sure u can bring it to school… keep up with the really cancer videos

Sargent Crispy says:


Balisong Tutorials says:

I’m pretty a sure your trainers fake

Cameron Hibbs says:

here in texas you can have real ones

Ognjen Misic says:

this will be good for class cuz im fliping for 1 year and allways imagine fliping a bali while holding a pen

Shimmy Bro says:

Speak more clear it sounds like you came form another planet and speak louder

Arura 122 says:

I subscribe

Bendy The dancing deman says:

I have that

big train says:

nice vid

mike nichelson says:

its not a knife its a pen, make up your mind, if it was a knife i would have a blade not a motherfucking pen

SwarmPJ says:

I have that rainbow knife with a rounded blade

Sonic Fox says:

wheres the gaming in that

dank memay says:


Yung Swoozy says:


Beast Max says:

Im allowed to bring my trainer to shool

Alex GaBa says:

song intro pls ??

METSA says:

speak louder you idiot

Sonic Fox says:

wheres the gaming in that

Rindex778 says:

i bought my bailyo to school the teachers didn’t care

Creeper Army says:

I wonder if you could bring this to school… ( Does it) XD I FOOLED 10 PEOPLE!

Ivan Gonzalez Rojas says:

like number 100

Maxwell Clynes says:

Your training knife is shit mate

Carlo Claes says:

I have one karambit a spider butterfly knife and a csgo butterfly knife well they are illegal in my country But I have to get one of those butterfly pens !

Apollo Digital says:

would u quit calling it a knife it’s a flipping pen

Cojocariu Antonio says:

Wu tang xD

O B1 says:

How good is that normal trainer butterfly knife? I’ve been trying to get a rainbow one but all the ones I like have had reviews such as the screws falling out and stuff. minor, but very annoying. has the one you have experienced any of these issues? if not can you please tell me how I can get it. thanks!

B2BG TeQo says:

Trainers aren’t illegal in a school so technically you could bring your trainer to school

Major League Gaming Doge says:

I have the same trainer as you

mr.steal your girl says:

you said thats what she said but she was not with you she was with me

YoshiMonster2000 says:

did a screw jus fall out of the pen knife lol


You can bring these to school

rightclicker says:

god awful video

xBadgrr says:

I love his joke and that he whispers

Nayomaise McZucc says:

Is that the regular one or the heavy duty one?

Uniq Neo says:

love the intro

Vixia Gamer says:

yeah it is really big (*that’s what she said*). lol

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