Balisong Collection Update + Balisongs 4 Sale


Tube TNT FANS TNT says:

I know you wont but could you send me one if you font want one of theese balisongs i know younwont please?

Donald Son says:

hey can you give me a butterfly knife my address is 4915 Southside 3rd Street and give it to the mail guy

Rageelixirfan94 Hipolito says:

Balisong is not illegal in the phillipines

Joe Music And More says:

What trainer did you use to learn

Kristan Osbon says:

That’s awesome

Luan S. says:

I don’t know why but I want one of those tiny ones

A. Goat says:

I don’t even have a balisong

Power Duper says:

Why it is banned in Malaysia……!!!

Aishi Van Yumiko says:

“Balisongs are illegal” but trainers arent. *mind blown*

bloodydrag 95 says:

I think real ones of those are illegal in sweden

Mason Rahman says:

Hi cutlery lover I wanted to know if I could buy your key blank if it’s still available

Christian Turner says:

Ive probably watches this video 3 or 4 times, its just so interesting

Drake Turner says:

Thank u Taylor

Jacob Yaed says:

I have a comb my mum won’t let me have a knife I love my comb tho

Jackson Akers says:

How much

Billy Stink says:

Ahhh the original fidget spinner.

matais golding says:

What’s the cheapest price for one

Zachary Fleck says:

Where do u get Bali songs someone please tell me


I want that Kris butterfly knife with the black handle that looks beautiful lol

Edgar baza says:


demon gamer says:

How much for the fillet flipper

CG Gamez says:

Are any of these still for sale? Tell me wich ones are for sale still, thanks

KaiGamers / ProMK22 says:

Are you have brush baterfly, I have one

Jay S says:

Am I too late?

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