Balisong Review : Butterfly Style Utitlity Knife

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Jacub Shaw says:

Can’t find this knife to save my life. Any help

Erick Carranza says:

The way he opened the knife was so cringy

SpinBadBros inc says:

Jesus would own this

Steven Him says:

let me buy that from you!

Professor Weaboo says:

PLEASE review the spyderco smallfly

Jesus Duarte says:

Do you know any place where i can get this from

The Blade Collector and Survivalist says:

nice reviews man I love your channel!

Swordking Master00 says:

try the Balisong bottle opener

Fernando Mercado says:

its a benchmade 87 mini

xzane85x says:

Is this legislated as all balisong? Or the fcg its a utility knife make it legal? I live in pussyland canada

The Man says:

starts unboxing at 2:50

Arturo Segura says:

Just received mine today

Rhais says:

Anyone knows if these are available anywhere? I’d love to get one

ZenPinFloops says:

Benchmade 87 (2017 colorized)

RafsBobDirbus says:

suggestion.why not get a csgo balisong?you can pick the color

Gamie games1543 says:

guys to change from inches to center meters multiply by 2,5 or you know google it

BirdoZOO says:

You have fat hands lol

Anoki Ocondi says:

I know it’s eretating

Cooper Brown says:


Jeff Phisenburg says:


Kukatoo says:

Looks a lot like an 87, haha.

Spicy Memes says:

I Got a Balisong Bottle Opener Yesterday And It Only Costs 10 Dollars here in sweden

Jonny Kys-db says:

3:20 for knife

Mitchell Valderrama says:

I don’t want to have to wait 3
Min just to get to the unboxing

Allen Alcantara says:

Are these still being sold anywhere? I’ve been searching everywhere!

William Rost says:

tried the link in description and it leads to a dead end, tried my own googling and can only find sketchy websites. anyone know where i can get this thing on a safe website? i can’t find anything.

SonnyGFX says:

utility not utitlity

WD571345 says:

Jeff, do you think you would be able to find this knife or something similar on another website. Very keen to get one and the link leads kinda nowhere.

Coupledyeti Vonvanderburg says:

“If your a carpenter that likes balisongs”
Jesus just walks up with one of these things.

dragon Buzzz says:

to skip to unboxing go to 2.46

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