Benchmade 51 morpho balisong knife review

my new benchmade 51


MorbidMinister666 says:

This is an older vid and I haven’t read the comments so im sure you have heard what I have to say 100
Times but I’m Going to go ahead and say it anyway.

1. The handle with the pocket clip is the BITE handle. That means it’s the handle that presents the edge of the blade to your fingers. As a beginner flipper you want to avoid the bite handle or else you will get cut
For sure. This is my only
Advice for flipping, and I would say the most important advice any beginner can get. Seeing as this video is a year old I’m sure you learned this by now so let’s just say this first tip is for any beginning flipper not you.

2. Avoid the “ums”. I felt you did a great job with the video but saying “um” so much will annoy the crap out of people.

3. If you ate something that is going to make you sniffle just don’t film!

So as u can see 1 of those tips was for any flipper, the other 2 are for you (the poster). Like I said to start this comment this video is over a year old so I’m sure by now you have gotten much much better at speaking in a video. I’m not
Trying to insult or attack just being honest. And the first tip I have applies to anyone watching this who is new to flipping and using the 51. If your not using the 51 disregard the pocket clip, learn where the bite handle is and avoid it.

Tate Bourgeois says:

What was the name of your dealer and where could I find him

Comrade Dyngus says:

Truly amazing knife, as i sit here and flip it while watching this video.  I have both a Kimura and this, and this is definitely better, but a little too light.  To fix this, I’m going to get a set of flytanium titanium scales, you should look into them

serchu taki says:

piece of advice? tape it

subversive775 says:

having respect for the knife by letting it cut you? in what fucking world does that make any sense? i respect bears but im not going to let them maul me.

MrOld1234 says:

Very good choice.

QUIFRA says:

dont hold it on the bite handle

justin reinsma says:

The bear ops 200 and 400 are huge.

Boi says:

what is the average blade length

knifelover dude says:

i love my 51 for flipping

grse grse says:

Ugly blade:/

Boosted Shoost says:

benchmade customer service for me is second to none…thats why i love there stuff!! thanks for the support guyss

Bound By Oblivion says:

I’d recommend a BRS replicant if you’re looking for a g10 knife its weight is perfect with the steel inlays

MrJordanhead19 says:

Are they worth the money im thinking of picking up this exact model for flipping i only have a shitty gas station one.

Luke says:

I got the same one except a black blade, my first balisong 🙂

Claud Allen says:

I cringe every time you flip it with the bite handle, is that why you cut your finger lol

LowKey God says:

wich website did you buy it from? do they ship to all countries?

Dr Carls Jr says:

does lock tighting the screws void the warranty? one of the smaller torx screws that holds in the zen pin on the bite handle came off and got lost. I emailed benchmade about it and they said they will send me a free torx screw replacement set! how awesome is Benchmade’s customer service?

Kenyon Osterloh says:

thanks for the review man

Rawhead Rex says:

Shiny space age blue? Looks like a toy? Like its plastic? I like the classic black and silver or just brass handle better.

Kajun Kangaroo says:

“A really spicy burrito.”

Srab23 says:

Be careful with the lock-tight. As the knife noob I was i used too much and ended up ruining the screws when unscrewing the knife for cleaning!

John Wardell says:

just ordered the last one on knife center. Green handled version.

bnoah03 says:

“just ate a really spicy burrito.”

Noah Dalton says:

Don’t grab the handle with the latch and pocket clip

Actually Bad Bali says:

i think thats a fake… those liners are too dark and the blade is too shiny. might want to double check

Lucas Bruno says:

should i get this or save up 50 ish more dollars and get the 62 or a metal handled one. (i like the look and sound of the metal handle better but ive never flipped a balisong for real do i can’t compare the feeling)

serchu taki says:

2:28 the cat steps in the frame, smells the knife and steps back lol

TNT5201994 says:

Just because you don’t hurt yourself holding the bite handle, doesn’t mean you won’t. If you respect it you’ll learn what handle to hold.

Explodingpanda says:

Nice choice!

ben martin says:

who is ur dealer

Kajun Kangaroo says:

“A really spicy burrito.”

Nj TheWolf says:

i wanna buy it

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