Benchmade Model 62 Balisong – Review


Here is the review on the BM 62 yes sir! Its a good knife, not the best, not the worst. A decent flipper but will never outperform the 42, its TI counterpart!

Hope you enjoyed!

Blade Length: 4.25″
Blade Thickness: 0.127″
Handle Thickness: 0.480″
Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
Blade Hardness: 60-62HRC
Blade Style: Crowned Weehawk
Weight: 6.39oz.

Pocket Clip: Sheath Included; No Clip
Lock Mechanism: Bali-Song
Overall Length: 9.20″
Closed Length: 5.27″
Sheath Material: Nylon
Class: Blue

I really Appreciate any comments or questions! Please let me know if you do have any questions and I will get back to you if I can.

CalviNNatioN oout!


temp temo says:

If the catch is on the safe handle it means the balisong is a Pakistani made one.

Lucas Kellis says:

So im not a flipper never owned a balisong before but I know a bit about fighting and what to look for in a tool. I gotta say the 62 is actually better than the 42. Its heavier which means more mass when using it to cut or stab at someone, OR as an impact weapon. I think people have a misconception that balisongs are impractical. This simply isnt true ask the Philippines they’ve been using these knives for edc and self defense for over a hundred years. As long as the blade doesnt wiggle when its out a blade is a blade is a blade. Not to say im going to walk around expecting to be some ninja with this but if you asked me which one would be better based on stats for edc and self defense it would be the 62 BECAUSE of its increased weight and use of stainless steel.

Sam Schuh says:

So I’m getting one of these. I get it, it’s expensive. Does anyone know how much money it takes to make just one of these? If so just reply to this comment. Thanks.

Dade Kobies says:

X4cto!! Am I the only one who got that

Bali Fly says:

12:29- nigga get the fuck outta here

Brayden and his SN95 says:

I thought you had gold plated blades from the thumbnail. XD

ThePianistInTh30ry says:

dude the only one thats not fake in this is the 152, he needs to stop going cheap…

nuts 4 knives says:

It’s interesting how the prices actually went through the roof instead of lowering. The 62 is 300 now and the 51 is 234. Just ordered a 51. Hope I like It

silat says:

Can some one explain why benchmade doesent put pocket clips on most balis

heco deleon says:

That was the Flytanium!!!

Mr LeftRightAndCenter says:

your intro is basically X4CTO’s intro.

Cody Wettenbone says:

Where the heck can you find these knives for that price? That’s crazy.

lookout11569 says:

if they would have put the 42 latch on the 63 it would have been a much better edc.i used to have a 42 I loved that knife more thsan life itself.i do like the 63 pin design though.

Youtube-person0098 says:

Can someone suggest a good butterfly for a beginner

Anthony Le says:

Where are you getting your knives for that low of a price?

Clayton Mallinson says:

HELP!!  I’m trying to figure out the value of my Benchmade Bali-Song.  I’ve had it since ’97/’98.  My college roommate and I BOTH got the same one:  The full-size Titanium handle with the hidden pins, Tanto blade with about 1 3/8″ of NASTY serration, Sharp “T-clasp” that can “notch” the blade if you’re not careful, has the butterfly trademark logo on one side, and BENCHMADE U.S.A. on the other.  We bought them online for $75 each back then and free shipping!  They were selling for at least $110 everywhere else at the time.  Back then, internet sites were usually cheaper BC the internet wasn’t as widespread in retail, and the brick and mortar places weren’t used to the stiff competition price-wise.  There is NO way that this is a knock-off:  I got it in a blue Benchmade box.  I still have the box, somewhere. Maybe the model # is on it; I’ll have to see.  This knife just REEKS of quality.  I was shocked to see how expensive these are today.  Even back then, the cheapos were $20.  The cheapos are still $20, but the BMs are like $300!  I don’t have any real interest in selling mine, BC I LOVE having cool old irreplaceable stuff.  I just want to know EXACTLY what I have and what that particular one goes for today in almost perfect condition…  Thanks for reading.  Oh, and I still have the black nylon sheath with the butterfly logo stitched in and the elastic belt loop.  😀

Ricky Moran says:

i had one of these back then but it was a comb and it broke, and i want to order a actual blade from benchwade again, do you think the actual blade will be bad and break easily like the comb??

Ramon Rivera says:

whats the other bali mate

carter luther says:

At 24 sec the knife moves by its self
Look at it

Marco Gutierrez says:

I’m getting either a Bench made 51 or a Bench made 62, which is the better knife?

Kolby9241 says:

Just got a 42S T latch for $350 the other day. Im pretty happy.

heco deleon says:

hey what one would you rec out of the 60s fam? i have a 67 being customized. did i make the wrong choice?

Tanner Winchester says:

Where are people selling 62s for $220

Braedon H says:

How many times do u have to oil the d2 blade? And will militec-1 prevent rust

boomkablamo says:

Fuckin drooling… God I want a nice balisong but I just can’t justify 300 dollars or more for a knife… You can get a quality firearm for around that much if not a little more!

Eric R. says:

That fly was probably an agent of spyderco to get you thinking of the small fly and spider fly. Good business if you ask me

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