Bradley Kimura 2018

Taking a look at the Bradley Cutlery Camira balisong new model for 2018 a Revival of a model knife much missed when it was formerly discontinued


Kris Da Bali Guy says:

i should send you my Kimura 11 for a comparasin vid

Reiki Shinzou says:

Honestly I like heavier knives when It comes to playing with them.

jamiefty says:

Key-More-Uh. Balisong is one word too. Not balley—song. Good vid other than that nitpick.

Random Guy says:

Great review, I subscribed. I have a lot to learn about Balisongs

I just got one for $90 from BHQ… I’m a Knife guy, got a mid sized Pelican case of folders, a shelf of fixed blades, a couple of swords, and OTFs/ Autos… But this is my first Bali. So far I really like it, I can’t speak for the flipping since I’m new to it and have nothing to compare it with, but fit&finish and quality wise it’s really good. Exceptional for the money, even if I spent the $120 I would give it a good value score. I think I got a good one because it does not have any of the issues I’ve heard others point out with theirs, was not stiff out of box, all the handle screws were tight, uniform blade finish… I will say though I’m not a fan of bead blast finishes, aesthetically great, but functionally they show wear easily and are more prone to rust.

menelmacar3 says:

That’s a really pretty blade shape, in my opinion.

Jonathan Taylor says:

It’s an excellent entry knife. I’ve had mine a week and I honestly only have a couple small complaints overall. The blade and washer stack is thicker than the spacers which is what I suspect to be the cause of the stiff handles. Basically I think that the washers are being pinched on one side instead of applying even pressure. The only other stand out complaints I have are the odd size hardware that is super soft (I’ve stripped both a t6 spacer screw head and the threads of a scale screw with little torque) and the scales are machined very rough which I don’t find the best. Thankfully the washers can be sanded down, the screws are replaceable, and I’m in the process of making some new CNCed scales made in 3 different styles.

How many subs can I get without posting any vids says:

2 vids in one day we have been blessed

needler267 says:

We be knives san Francisco lmao. Your in the most pussy weapons state and reppin it.

DJEyelessPyro says:

The kimura has been ruined by the Bali community’s least favorite company, bear and son, the trashy company ruined this amazing lineage

Alan Austin says:

Seems gud

GutiTheJ says:

I love the bladeshape. There’s something about that nice leafblade shape

Mixed Martial Anime says:

Its not pronounced “keemoora” like the martial arts technique?

Kalvi Animations says:

You learn how to do an index rollover, I see you using it a lot and making it more of a rollover than a twirl will make your tricks look more smooth.

yeet says:

Do you mind showing how much tap the bali has future bali reviews?

Matt Baker says:

I’m a knife nut not a flipper.. I’m getting into Bali’s but goddamn the prices.. then to hear that a 120 blade has issues.. I got a schrade 7oz monster of steel. I can flip it open and that’s about it. Learning on a ccc bm clone for 16 bones ( keep your hate down ) and another on the way. Will I buy a premium Bali?? Idk ? I want a boker one but fucking USA won’t let boker bring em in

TomahawkDC says:

Are your pivot screws different T sizes?

Sasa Jugovic says:

Kimura it’s AWESOME bali…I have mine 6-7 years,maybe more and its like newone after years and years & years of heavy flipping…it’s a little bit on the “short” size but,when you “get together” after some time,everyone will LIKE it and the quality of the knife is good,especially for that kind of money/quality range ! ! ! Just keep FLIPPING ! ! ! !

Luffy says:

He is the spy from tf2!!

Skware US says:

mine says 901 as well.

Moon Man says:

Glad to see the kamura back!!!

Subiesaurus Rex says:

Great review as always. Just found that these were on sale on BHQ for Cyber Monday for $89… I figure if you think it’s a great deal at 120, I’m obligated to try one for $90. Great video as always.

Patrick Not Star says:

I took the scales off because the g10 hurts my hands

4446e7w8 says:

nice, a new video from Lugermonger

AndPan11 says:

The latch is a disk so during latch drops and latch manipulation it doesn’t bite into your fingers

HF& G says:

Can u make a video give ur thoughts on the k-bar knife

Andrew Fong says:

Hey man great video! Have the tang pins loosened or fallen out since you’ve owned it?

Jacob Wrona says:

Mine was very poor quality control. Tang pins were way off to one side and the knife had so much blade/handle play that couldn’t be adjusted out of the knife. I did want to love it. Everyone says “well what do you expect for $120?” to which I say, would you accept that substandard level of quality control from any other type of $120 folding knife?

chris says:

hey whats up, I bought one of these knives and I have been wondering if the spring latch sold on exiled cutlery will work on this model, and if it does than is it worth it or is it not good?

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Phat handle asspect

Turtlenator says:

Don’t get me wrong i love this knife and is my first real balisong, but my only complaint on it is the finish comes off real easily.

mattyfizzle says:


Papa Smith says:

My take a heavy bali to learn on is key to strengthening your fingers amd wrist and hand. You need that to not feel fatigue from flipping. Not knowing being new to flipping. Your use muscles in hand and fingers that not use to be using constantly. You want to build them up cause if u start to feel the burn then you will not only miss tricks but in danger yourself in a bad cut. Thats my take on it.

unrepeatable raddish says:

The kimura was made by kershaw….now its bear ops (bear & son)

Arlishaa Colhen says:

My Kimura was extremely stiff, the torx screws had way to much tightener on it. The tightener got into the bearing and the screws were basically stripped when I got it. Any way to get that fixed?

Russ Newcomb says:


Akshay Rajeev Menon says:

would you recommend this to a beginner who doesn’t know any better? i am lokking for one around this price

John Ryan says:

That is one sexy knife

yeet says:

the AB also has that type of latch design, its great. You don’t have to go through taking apart the slabs or handles.

Lucalex says:

Yesterday i looked this knife up and now you bring a video on it!
nice haha

Dubglock23 says:

Hey how much is a kimura IV worth?

Travis Beard says:

Took two weeks to get, took two weeks to break. It came with a screw in the scales stripped and the latch screw was stripped. Two weeks in the tang pin fell out.

TheGogofg says:

people dont like the 6x series because it ways like 6 oz and costs $300, if it had a lower price people would like it more, great video as usual man!!

stephen oveson says:

The 901 number should be the color model number for example BCC901 how you search the knife on google is od green g10, and BCC904 is black and red g10. Hope that helps anyone with yhat question. Numbers are all BCC901-905.

unrepeatable raddish says:

Get one from bhq…if theres an issue theyll exchange it….the tang pin…seems to me its made that way…..theyre all like it

Eric Brackin says:

I need a good edc and a flipping balisong ive narrowed it down to the bradley kimura that you have and the boker plus balisong which is better in your opinion?

Kostas Honros says:

How’s it look without scales?

dragon fire says:

I might buy this one I may not like bear ops but I’ll givem another chance if it’s that good

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