Bradley Kimura 5 – Balisong Review

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Bali Fly says:

Is want more looser balisong than a tight one

Ailex Mercer says:

My first balisong was a heavy one.

Isa Khwaja says:

Knife stores and online.

ladangle1 says:

hey calvin I just purchased the stealth v1 balisong from blade play the other day, and im kinda disappointed in it. Im looking for a knew balisong to buy but I don’t know to much about them. do you have any recommendations for a good sturdy balisong that’s no more than $50?

TheWandazebest says:

Kimuras are so sharps.. i got the 6 and i cut my self 10 times..

Capten says:

Bladeplay has bradley kimura 4s and 7s but there almost gone! But soon!

Shinobi V 101 says:

There pronounced Kee mora

the god of random says:

I hate when people say that I use a training benchmade knife and people tell me that I suck because I don’t have a real one but I’m in school and I don’t want to cut myself

unixjpn says:

Kimura are not that sharp and not heavy at all. Once you have flipped a BM63 then you may agree not sure. Im not an expert but from owning kimura and a BM63 I just think that the BM63 is way sharper then any kimura out there and a lot heavier to flip. Just my opinion and thanks for a the nice videos you always make for us 🙂

Mark Wu says:

1:05 that’s what she said

Swagfag 69 says:

Have you noticed any more blade play. I want to buy this knife so much. And where can I buy this knife or where is this knife usually in stock that will ship almost anywhere

joey ashworth says:

Looking for a 50 to 100$ balisong what would u recomend

liam harrington says:

I can’t believe they discontinued the kimura

sheddinglies says:

I ordered a polished k8 and should be getting it soon..hope it looks sick. I wanted a 3 polished but couldn’t find it. The only thing I’m worried about is how sharp it is.. I’m progressing, but still I don’t think it’s worth slicing my finger. Is it ok to dull the blade? I can resharpen if I want right.

mrchow489 says:

Very disappointed, just got the kimura 6 less than a few hours and the tang pin fell out!!!!! Should I send it to kershaw or bladehq? Cause I just it in the mail a few hours ago

1solojc says:

Do you know where i can get a Kimura?

Nicholas Piccolo says:

hey calvin would you ever part with a kimura

XiGotagoX says:

Where do I buy a kimura

Christian Turner says:

Must you have 3? It already makes it hard for me to look at other people having em since they are discontinued, I missed out on getting one

Jose Pagan says:

a bradley kimura, any model really.

kingston tierney says:

A bradley kimura.

ethan pham says:

My Kimmy 5 was/is my learner bali

Diablo_Beats says:

I know I’m late in the comments right now, but does anyone know where to buy one right now because I can’t even find one on ebay

CoolDisaster says:

link to buy it???

unixjpn says:

Bradley merged with benchmade is what i heard and not about to go do indeph google research on the two companies, All i know is I want more bemchmade balisongs to add to my collection

bubba says:

Does anyone know what style blade that is?

Omer Cortez says:

Kimuras are gnarly

Paynekillah says:

I tape mine too. Crazy that people will spend money on a “practice” balisong, when all you need is a cheap ass piece of tape.

MagicCity Money says:

God im watching this and several Kimura knives have been discontinued and its damn near impossible to get a Kimura now… Im hoping to get one POSSIBLY by Christmas… I want a spear point one… Im beyond jeleous dude, take care of it man.

Justin Michael says:

awesome knife. would ddc it instead of my small fly if it had a pocket clip. Would defiantly recommend this line of knives to someone looking to get into the bobbie without spending major money.

Jose Pagan says:

I heard the Mtech twist was good.

frickbot says:

i tape my blade if i choose to flip at work, dont feel like taking the chance.

PuggleS says:

can’t find any kimura’s anywhere for sale, can someone help me?

Capten says:

Buy* cx

UberPokerFace says:

Theres a spring latch mod for the kimura’s 2-7, have you ever tried it before?

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