BRS Alpha Beast Butterfly Knife review by Lena Miculek-Afentul

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dirt says:

… i just happened to live in hawaii.. ;A;

Parsley says:

“If you are stressed out, pull out your knife!”

cm 7458 says:

I agree. These so-called documents were never proven authentic.. It’s only to belittle Filipino culture I believe and to spread misinformation to claim that anything invented that has grown in reputation and popularity ” could only come from Europeans”. If it really was- why is the existence of these European balisongs not authenticated? I mean there’s not even ONE actual relic they can produce to say it actually was used and sold in Europe as an original design that it was invented in the Europe, or Germany- or France!! Just documents of unproven authenticity which is relegated as rumor and an urban legend that it came from Europe. You know what other urban legend is out there that’s phony? That the Italians invented the spaghetti style noodles used in a fav Italian cuisine : spaghetti and meatballs. The spaghetti noodle originated in China, but instead Europeans -Italians prepared it with marinara sauce instead of the brothy style the Chinese ate their noodles. How was it the noodle came to Europe? One guy responsible was Marco Polo, and other travelers that visit the Far East. You know why Europe only has these obscure drawings of balisongs, but no relics? It’s because the design was brought over to Europe from Asia. It was too obscure of a design to catch on so it was never put into full production, and apparently wasn’t or didn’t become a least bit popular, because there were only these
So-called drawings were the only proof that the balisong design was possibly known in Europe.
Metaphorical comparison: just because you find drawings in Europe of saipans, and geisha girls in Europe – you shouldn’t conclude saipans and geishas originated in Europe…. So finding rare photos of balisong designs in Europe doesn’t constitute it originated there, it’s likely drawings to illustrate a Asian designed knife…

1M BACK says:

thx for the vid your asome


does somebody know a trainer for that?

X player says:

so if you have all those balisongs why have you only learned beginner tricks

AumniX says:

and texas it is illegal

Calisong says:

Jesus fuck it’s a Kukri blade

Crazy Bad Flipping says:

Have you ever tried a BRS Replicant?

TheBaliBurd says:

Eww who uses a balisong for cutting sic trix only

Conner Omtvedt says:

i positive it’s ADHD not ADD

MOTO says:

I get the morpho 51 tomorrow

steppenwolf says:

interestingly enough, the balisong had its start in france around the mid to late 1600’s and from there moved to spain. many of the early spanish balisong had brass handles and was said to be favoured by cannoniers for use on the gunnery deck(s). as you pointed out, it opens as strong as a fixed blade which made it perfect for opening kegs of powder, crates of grapeshot and boxes of fuse. it was handy for trimming fuse and the brass handles prevented any sparks which, in a closed atmosphere laced with gunpowder dust, would have been disastrous. just a bit of history for ya.

alvin jones says:

while they are cool I dont think they are anything like as strong as a GOOD folder….i’d put a cold steel knife up against the best Balisong in terms of toughness and durability…not being rude about them , they are pretty cool to use and play with

Bobby Alvarado says:


copperhead junkie says:

I love them to but do u like the carambits

Eem says:

41 is a kurki blade style

connergiven89 says:

Good video, bit disappointed by the sexist BS comments though. Didn’t know that Benchmades DNA was balisong style.

fallen prophecy says:

if they’re legal in the usa WHY ARE THEY NOT LEGAL IN CANADA IM TRIGGERD

JC Wilks says:

Gotta love a woman who loves guns and knives. I’d like to send my wife to hangout with Lena and hope some of those attributes rub off.

serchu taki says:

The bm 51 does not have a spring latch

Sciencephile Hot bf says:

she look s like elana and katherine from vampire diaries

TheBAMFBrothers! says:

Totally not illegal in cali and some other places

Doug Spring says:

I just wished the blades were made out of a harder steel, like M390. They are expensive, that’s for sure.

P Yew says:

wasted on this lame girl

nate._.thomas says:

I wish the 42 wasn’t discontinued

MrDesertScorpion says:

She’s so cute

David Smith says:

17 minute paid programming infomercial

Koch 40 says:

Forget the fact that your father is the greatest shooter of all time, forget the fact the miculek name is famous, if you worked at the mall making minimum wage and I seen you and heard that voice, seen your smile, I would most definitely take every step possible to take u out and Marry u.. Lol, you are a sweetheart, that smile kills me..

Ishmule TV says:

She has an AB, 42, 51, and Kimura but probably can’t flip xD (she has about 1500 dollars worth of balisongs)

John Ward says:

Benchmade 87 will shut down the alpha beast!

tkarlmann says:

Wow! You could buy an inexpensive pump shotgun for what those knives cost!

Lukas Thoel says:

I live in California, and balisongs are illegal to purchase online for me. Where do you think the best place is to purchase a balisong? I’ve heard they can be found at flea markets, but that seems a little too risky in terms of quality.

Ethan Fuller says:

i hope she cuts her self

Ruben Burkhardt says:

The 4th one was a bm41 ss with stainless steel handles and it weighs a ton so no nobody wants it

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