Butterfly Comb Review

An overall review on my butterfly comb/trainer.


BricksForDays says:

also, I love the return of the woodgrain background!!!!!!! 🙂

Trevor Gonzalez says:

sorry I’m back your vids aeebawsome!!!!

BricksForDays says:

Nice! Cool tricks!

Pomi says:

You should do a video on the benchmade balisong comb

Joker ForTheWin says:

Can this hurt you because its from steel?

SLYCER says:

Its just a comb



NeroPiXL says:

I have this because in the U.K.,it’s kinda illegal to own a real one,but this one works great

Jordan Terrell says:

if you take a ball peen hammer to the pins they will mushroom out and no longer fall out

Dylan Carter says:

where could u get these

Swegamer hp says:


joeyoboey says:

looks good. I’m going to buy one today and I will make a video about 🙂

Trevor Gonzalez says:

wanna are my hand made or no

Trevor Gonzalez says:

did you get that a 100 percent new!!!!!!!!

The Mechanic126 says:

just subbed keep it up man just orded my one plaz check out my channel

Oliver Bankowski says:

it looks like everybody who touches one can instantaly use it like in CS:GO!

Cuddly says:

Bro this guys dumb mine is lit bro

CroffStudios says:

I heard a swear at :37 seconds! Bad!

Ruben Huerta says:

review ur fire alarm

Trevor Gonzalez says:

wanna see my hand made kife

Lizer Fire says:

What did he say u had to put on he screws

Foolish Hooves says:

You could have bought one from cutS, they litteraly made one out of titanium for extremely cheap

Bryan Tube says:

dont want to be rude to your video but I like the review you made but I got one of those and it sucks so much I got one for 20 bucks and it began unscrewing and also i got mad i threw it on the ground and the comb bent and i barely threw it i really dont recommend comb for people who want a comb butterfly

bringoutthelegos says:

You can get a mtech balicomb on Amazon for 8 dollars, and it’s waaaaaaaay better quality than this. I’ve had one for 4 years, and it’s still in one piece.

jikininki lucifer says:

Well it’s meant to be a comb….. secondly why didn’t you get a traditional balisong instead of a drop point with serrations

VincentPlayZ says:

Did you get it from the company niceeshop?

Walcalculator says:

I ordered mine two days ago and it’s coming on Monday thanks for the review

Renard Talosig says:

where did u get one of these?

TF2 Axel says:

Its more like 2 bucks

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