Butterfly knife Slaughter unboxing – Elemental knives review

Shoutout to my Sister for recording and shooting all photo/video in this video, Shot with a Nikon D3100
Hey, I love you, maybe, he lied… probably. Anyways, LINK
This knife’s pretty good, as you can see by my bandages.I am in love.
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Krysis Gamez says:

Butterfly or karambit which should i get

Will Darrow says:

don’t you need to be 18 years old to have a butterfly knife I want to have one they are really dangerous

Mike Honcho says:

Look at your fingers bro…I wouldn’t be flipping that knife like that lmao

Spencer Tracks says:

I take it back: this knife is GREAT for flipping, but I had to cover the blade with tape for the first day because it took a while to get used too. I would recommend the same if you want to use the knife for regular flipping.

BreeZe says:

Did he fucking cut himself with it

Tanker says:

Nice tenacious

Trostlosigkeit says:

This videos fucking crazy

Flame Red says:

quick question if you still have the knife.Have you scene any scratches or paint wearing off of the handle because i recently bought a butterfly knife for myself and after 2 days of just breaking it in doing trick i notice that the latch was scratched and the stoppers on the blade was scratching the handle when flipped just a question because i want to know if this is a my copy thing or a general issue with use the knife

ImNotCool says:

See his hand? This is why u shouldn’t play with knife

Coolchou Zhao says:

0:29 aww I’m 14 and I really love butterfly knives ;-;

Suspicious Lynx says:

You didn’t have to cut the cardboard to show us, we could tell it was sharp by your fingers.

Alex Erickson says:

My honest opinion on these replicas is that they’re good for display and collecting. They’re quite well made for their price (my friend let me borrow his for a few days), but they aren’t good at all for cutting/ EDC. If you play the game, go for it. But if you’re a serious flipper id choose something else. (straight handles are better for advanced flipping)

CS: Gold says:

got same one on ebay for $15.. elemental knives is a scam!!!

Enforcingxhunter says:

Do they have blunt/dull ones

Christian Turner says:

when I saw his flipping I about died xD

from laughter

Joey urban says:

That’s the lamest shit I’ve ever seen. Get a real bali, faggot.

Kevin Haidar says:

is it legal on your country ?

Johannes Klauber says:

this guy has a 110% chance of stealing your girl

Savage Cabage23 says:

Good content

_UnderscorE_ _GaminG_ says:

Are those plasters on his hands cuts from the knife?

Martin says:

great vid bro

YunG MAstEr mINeR says:

I laughed hard af with his man boobs pushing through his shirt and his death stare

Chillex says:

the tricks are real

lllEwoklll says:

how long is it? i mean the blade.

JoshPlayz says:

i just orderd thta same knife ….but its a trainer

PlasmAlex_500 says:

Has it broken since you got it? It says on their website that these knives are for collection/display only.

Ginger Ale says:

How much does it weigh, total?

clash sparks says:

I have a question so please reply….which knive from elemental would you most recomend. …also u earned a new sub

Just Batch says:

Does it still preform well after a year??

Spencer Tracks says:

How well does the knife actually flip? Does it just have the disclaimer for legal porpuses, or is it actually not good at flipping

Harrison Amorim says:

I love how he has 2 casts

Mohammed Alshaya says:

it looks so sharp

gamrage says:

When flipping the butterfly knife from Elemental Knives, I was surprised to feel how clunky and heavier it feels than a normal butterfly knife.. I’m fine sticking with my Benchmade butterfly knife.

PhotonNebula says:

Sucks I cant get one, I live in canada… :/

JustStuff says:

Please reply to this comment i really wanna know, when you are doing tricks with it and you fail will it cut badly?

The Fox Laboratory says:

Is it durable? My last knife broke the day I got it so I just need to know how long it would last

Spencer Tracks says:

I just got the knife, and I would honestly NOT recommend buying this knife to use like a Benchmade like I did. Within the first 2 minutes I got it, I cut my pinky wide open (and I am an experienced flipper). It is not smooth, or at least not how I thought it would be, and the size does make it harder to do tricks. I am practicing with it, but only with the blade covered with tape, because I have dropped it several times because of its weight and shape. It is a very high quality knife, but the warning label does hold true.

PlaneT18 says:

r U german? or why is ur Name a German Word? 😀

titanj Pulse says:

How legal is it?

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