CS: Go Balisong unboxing, review, and demonstration. $20 butterfly knife

This is my unboxing, review, and demonstration of the CS: Go balisong. This is a video game knife in real life. This is the Slaughter skin from the game. All you counterstrike guys are gonna want to check this out. I got this on DHgate.com and it does come sharp.

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PiggyPuffs Arani says:

Dylan were did you get this knife nice vid

whitneythesharky says:

search elemental knives its the cs:go ones but higher quality and a bunch of cool colors

Deborah Hergenreder says:

I have the same one

Kzoo_ PS says:

lol why is cj not recording when its a balisong video….is he scared of knives? lol

Aei The Asian says:

Can you do more auldey yoyo review please

fuzz physicist says:

do furries count as weirdos?

jk, ik im weird :3

Rush Agar says:

Butterfly knife Slaughter

Wish i had it in CSGO…

Sam Hicks says:

hey Dylan! could you check out my channel and give me a little feedback on my videos? thanks dude!

superawsomeblitz says:

If you’re interested in buying CS:GO replica knives that look great, check out elemental knives,m

Monster Quach says:

You super good

Caleb Rich says:

Have you ever cut yourself XD


Do a giveaway plz!!!

dualgunz says:

Yes bro that’s good I play csgo wonder if u play

Brahma Astra says:

da brand is JL cheap china brand

Water Whip says:

You are very good at editing

AngryIceCube says:

When the pixels cost more than this ;-;

Clay Soggyfries says:

How can I get it to come sharp

Zer0zInSane says:

Can you review the civility yoyo by yotricks

PrimalSabre says:

Based on playability and not price,should i get the n12 with splash or the solid colurs??

Austin Moss says:


patryk tokarski says:

Dylan Kowalski???? Kowalski this surname is from Poland

Rman4919 says:


Marx Ocampo says:

balisong is a filipino word. who here is a filipino

Arath Valle says:

Hey Dylan can u make about the Andux practicce one? it is only around 10 dollars and it would be a perfect video for people who wants to go the balisong world, good videos by tha way ;D

Michael Froese says:

I got the benchmade 43 on amazon for 22 bucks do you think it will come ight and how I want it off of amazon?

Zoinqs says:

where you buy it?

Nebulaz _ says:

nice man cool knife

i forgot to review my csgo and balisongs lol

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