CSGO butterfly knife trainer review

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Nora Cordova says:

Dem chins tho

Incredible cuber says:

I really like that trick you do to open it is very clean

Snape snape Severus snape says:

Don’t be so selfish leave some pussy for us

RED Speaker says:

Hahah fat fuck

TechnowaffelHD says:


Renzo Dulce says:

You fat horse pussy get a real balisong knife

XtraOrdinary Gentleman says:

i would love a cs go bali i have always wanted one

Joejoeyo Plays says:


Sky says:

Hello camthesham396 i really really really want the CS:GO Knife because my parents dont give me a balisong Trainer for whatever reason…. if im the winner (i will be not the winner but i tried it) then my life would be SOOO much better. I would be happy if you send me a message if im the lucky one.

Clorox Bleach says:

why dont why you still have a knife you cut off some pounds?

Lignjoslav Pipak says:

it took 3 years whaaaat dumb bacon

ShadowBunny- Norsk Gaming says:

Is the handel metal or plastic

RSP Gaming #*70A4Q% says:

Lol u bought a knock off butterfly knife that company crossfire copy’s cuts

FlameMon says:

It’s not a fucking counter strike its crossfire you far fuck


i wish i had one they look so cool i might save and buy one

Proud Grandma says:


ZIVOCP 37 says:

can I have it

Balisong Flipper says:

Can you get me a butterfly knife please

Boyardi _•o•_/ says:

What website did you order the csgo knife off of?

turf chiggaz says:


Conner Omtvedt says:

this guy looks like gibby from icarly

SuperZombieBros says:

The hate is real. Atleast this kid can actually use it hah!

High_Alien_ says:

This dude gets mad bitches

Adrian Poenar says:


Caleb Eldredge says:

Nice Review! Will you really give away one? Subbed!

AssistingOrc948 says:

Yo u are the best

Hero Playz says:

I want itt

ShadowBunny- Norsk Gaming says:

Hmmmmmm… Whats the red button? I think i push it down!

ImmortalKhan says:

ima grab ur buttcheeks and pull out my Willie stir ur Asshole like a hot bowl of chili

Identity Evolved says:

Cool vid keep it up

TheSloMoBroAnd More says:

Where did you get that

tristan for 133 4 says:

CSGO KNIVES ARE TERRIBLE get a good knife and stop living in a video game

Daggmaskis says:

thanks for the tips 😀

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