CS:GO Real Life UNBOXING and REVIEW! (CutS Butterfly Knife)

Hey guys thanks for watching my first unboxing and review on this channel! You probably came because the video was too cringy, or too long, so I made a written review. Today I reviewed the CutS Butterfly Knife, this represents the Slaughter skin in Counter Strike: GO. This knife is not just a display item, it is a fully working balisong knife trainer. This knife came all the way from China and it only took 2 weeks, fast shipping. I like this knife for it’s very nice paint job, and robust handles. Grips are hard plastic, but not a big deal, still gives your fingers a good amount of grip. This knife is pretty heavy, so if you’re not use to flipping a heavy knife it may take some extra force to get it moving. Also, since this replicates the CS:GO butterfly knife, the handles are curved. This may be a learning curve to those who use normal butterfly knives, but landing a zen rollover with this thing is extremely satisfying. The only complaints I have for the knife is that the paint can be scratched off when flipping due to the friction between the handles and the blade, and as well as the spring latch will not lock the handles in place after you break it in (something I forgot to say in the video). If you guys enjoyed my video and or written review please leave a comment, like, and subscribe if you would like to see more upcoming videos!

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Disclaimer: I have received this product at a discounted price in exchange for this review.

Music used in video:
Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]
Alex Skrindo – Jumbo [NCS Release]
Unison – Reality [NCS Release]


Kasper Kinnarinen says:

I ordered my knife 2 weeks ago and i don’t have received it. im from Finland. Can someone help?

Slightly Down Humanoid Cat says:

One tip: Improve the mic quality, everything else is great.

ElectronicInformer24 says:

I could give a shit about the looks and colors of the Knife, but could it be sharpend?

Oliver says:

2:44 .. “Here’s my iPad 6S”

Hallo Sir says:

I recently ordered one and it just shipped today. How long would that take? im in georgia. (State)

Tor larsen says:

Wow i have one My self and its not heavy ore plastic

ChecksInd Reviews says:

New video will be out hopefully this week. I’m trying my hardest to keep up the high quality videos!

Silas Hein says:

is it sharp ?

Drenamow says:

brb getting one

BlackCloud762 says:

how log did it take to ship to you mine has taken 2 weeks and still isn’t here

Fernyy says:

Why the robot voice?

whitewolf6980 says:

how long does it take to deliver?

KimmiPlayz says:

Quick question, does these ship to Norway?

Fuzion950 says:

who gives a fuq about the box… lol

Slurpee says:

My friend has that bali it’s udder shit

Noa Vulje says:

guys need help i want to buy this knife but is it sharp or dull?Please help me

HowTo DoStuff says:

I’m 2 minutes in… shut up and take my money

Snowfall says:

Put some more enthusiasm and your vids will be great

Aron Elmaadi says:

do cuts do worldwide shipping

Miguel Macias says:

How long did it take to ship it?

Soul Carrier says:

This looks cool!

EpicPie27 says:

How long did it take to ship it to you? I’m thinking about buying one but approximately how long did it take?

DumbleDerp says:

Contents great, keep up the work! Btw earned a sub

Mikester777 says:

IMO the music was a little too loud, and the camera kept losing focus sometimes, but other then that great video! Liked the thoughtfulness of the commentary, and the HD shots of the knife


What does it mean if it saying processing and how long does it take to come

Firlox says:

the fade version is AWESOME

SanderPlayz says:

How long does it takes to arrive? i live
in Norway – in Europa

AntekMc says:

wow dude ur like 55 subs only and ur vids are already great quality i bet in futer ur vids are gonna be outstanding i subbed 🙂

Sharplex says:

o_0 how do you not have over 100k subs?! Great quality vids and very entertaining. Your voice isnt annoying like alot of reviewers. Keep up the good work! 😀

TruDood says:

Video starts at1:00

rasmiitsus says:

nice vid man

Aiden Bolte says:

I know this song better than my name….

Nigma says:

Do they ship in Italy? :/

TheNatBat says:

How long is shipping?

Exter 73 says:

do you know the vanilla version have paint?

macca's wifi says:

Shud deserve more subscribers :/

Eric Ehara says:

Nice review! I am looking for that exact knife and you gave me a good review. Good job and keep up the good work. Btw nice artsy clips.

Guardian λngel says:

Does it ship to canada?

xephyr88 says:

Are you sure it’s hard plastic and not just coated with thick matte paint? I only ask because Cutss says their handle material is tool steel, I’d love to see you try putting a magnet on the handles themselves to see if it sticks

valt says:


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