CutS Butterfly Knife vs. Elemental Knives Review

I did a quick review of the CutSS butterfly knife Fade dulled. I compared it to my Elemental Knives butterfly knife Fade.


StratiGuy says:

How long did it take for you too get your cutss knife?

RustyBeast says:

Elemental Knives are collectables, not trainer knives

Squid_Soup says:

Btw cutS make knives for use and EK make collected knives

Sticks says:


1ns0MNla says:

the skins on the cuts knives are so terrible made, it isnt even remotely close the once in game. thinking of getting a tiger tooth? get ready for a knife with red handles and a slaugther pattern just painted gold

Dakota Schaal says:

Isn’t there supposed to be a Cuts logo near the base of the blade?, or is there not one on the fade pattern?

DeadX Crowe says:

there is cops out side the window

ChildrenOfOwls says:

You move your arms too much when flipping it should be all wrist

Syro The meme boi says:

You are just a cutts fanboy

Funy Buny says:

how are you allowed these knives wtf

Budd McStudd says:

isnt one sharp and the other isnt.

OwO Whats This? says:

when you’re awake at 2:10 watching furry videos and you upload a video… 2:10 am… BTW learn the Zen rollover

Matthew Welch says:

Hater EK is better

R3dR4t says:

is this a good knife for beginners? i heard lighter is better 4 beginners but it looks so nice <3

darthsean 101 says:

cuts sucks I ordered something from them it charged are credit card twice and the product never came and we never even got a confirmation email

Skibble nanners says:

Which blade is longer?

brendan oneill says:

Just don’t buy these unless it’s for show

Sound Echoes says:

They’re actually the same. Produced in the same factory by the same people. Elemental Knives imo is just a better website since they have a larger selection.

Charles Fields says:

The Cutss off of amazon are a fake company.

Refuse Dreamz says:

can you buy sharp from cutss?

iibromax says:

is the cutss website safe? are there any scams? because I don’t want to risk my credit card to be charged like crazy.

Ian Mahon says:

I really just want to know how sharp elemental knives, knifes are

Mind Øf Jedi says:

So basically: Both companies sell the same knives, but EK paints theirs nicer to replicate CSGO knives and charges twice as much.

Jack Dorsey says:

Cuts knifes suck

Ailex Mercer says:

I hate when when people depend on their entire arm to flip the bali and need like a billion feet to flip. It’s just a pet peeve of mine and I know it is just how beginners flip and I hope you and any o there that do t grow out of it and use their wrist to flip the bali. And yes I know I’ve just triggered someone who does it.

Luke Egan says:

Yeah ek kind of sucks

DunaFish says:

i want that cuts emerald knife, skin name is emerald something

Mavolant says:

Here’s the deal. Elemental is more of a realistic csgo knives… It’s not made for tricks. Cutts however is made for beginners with butterfly tricks n stuff. You could with the elemental but elemental is a lot sharper… So if you’re looking to collect csgo knives go for elemental. If your training and stuff use cuts… They’re very similar price on Amazon

__ Lyfe __ says:

The Balisong from EK is for collection purposes it isn’t made for you to be doing stuff with it

Block Gamer says:

you record with gopro nice

ScooterMitch says:

I got the one from Cutss 2 days ago

Tuan Hoang says:

Are they related? Their websites are 99% similar.

CyanideSurprise says:

The Cutss one is much better. Cheaper and ships faster.
I have the csgo gut knives, bayonet, karambit, and balisong. same with elemental knives (got both sets for Christmas) I love both companies but the CutSS paint stays on longer and is built to last.
Go with either one, but I’d recommend CutSS due to its price and customer support

Sec Ret says:

+ASIANINVASION22 whats your steam id?

Searo says:

Summary: Hello I am a 14 year old kid who used my moms amazon account to purchase two of the same knives, now I will compare a well worn knife to a factory new knife, and make comparisons with little experience on one of the knives.

Kdog says:

Just wondering, how long did the shipping take?

TorroDash says:

so, Elemental knives is sharp. Cutss is not sharp I guess?

Reece Winter says:

f dis

Lorenzo Campolongo says:

guys for the love of god they are the exact same knives…

Dylan L says:

how long does it takes cuts to ship

ChrisPlayz says:

yo man nice vid but i can’t open the cutss site its says HTTP ERROR 500 pls reply and help

Kevin Ramirez says:

fake cutss and elemental knife

Austin Judd says:

Dont go with cuts go with elemental knives cuts sells fake knives trainers elemental knives is real they sell real knives with real blades

Kai says:

Subscribed because I ordered a Butterfly Knife Doppler lol and I need to learn some tricks (PLUS look how low your sub count is lol I did not expect that) :3

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