CutS Dragon Fire Butterfly knife

CutS Dragon Fire butterfly knife , as functional as it is beautiful. special thanks to CutS. pick yours up here:

Link to after 1 year test:


Destiny Demon Alpha says:

Yo dude I have a trick you can’t do with a curved knife. It’s called the oscar, it’s the fastest way to open a butterfly knife

Chizzy says:

gonna buy it now

aelkku says:


Chizzy says:

hey I just have a question so as you know I ordered the knife and in my order’s list it still says it’s processing. so how long will it process xDD?

Red Vaporizer says:

It’s so satisfying to watch you flip that knife!

Chizzy says:

Sorry for being annoying but I just saw that the handle without the spring is hitting with the blade a bit and the blade has a really small scratch. Do you have any advice to fix that?

Jaxon Mitchell says:

So I’ve been trying to order a cuts butterfly knife and it won’t work. It’s entirely legal in my state so I don’t understand why not. I’ve tried 2 different cards and registered an account and it still just says the order failed. Any advice?

Goku Watson says:


Graveyard Stuffers says:

I love this knife and I love the design, though it’s brand new it doesn’t latch?

MasterMind says:

I wonder if this guy knows that these are all from csgo

guadalupe luevano says:

I have a question, how long do you think it takes to ship a cuts knive to Texas?

_Zz_Cameron_zZ _ says:

Is a cutss knife legal in the UK? It will stay within my home.

Fμяy says:

try to do a video fanning the knife

Nurosic says:

I do plan on getting this. Should I be worried about hurting myself? Or is it relatively safe for practicing? Thanks for the review.

keiosu uchiha says:

give me that knife pls haha.

prince igar says:

I have 3 straight handle knifes and got this one so hop its just as good and love the way it looks and keep up the good work

Chizzy says:

so khm I have another question so today I got the knife and everything works perfect. So I just want to ask how did u open ur knife with one hand like this( 1:13 ) I was trying to squeeze it and it won’t open like that. I can just open it with two hands.

Mario Hernandez says:

I subbed very good video

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