Dhgate Balisong Replicant Review/Unboxing

In depth video reviewing the Kenfong Replicant.


Here are the time stamp :

0:24 – Arrival & Shipping time

1:09 – Cost & Opinion on cost

2:29 – Unboxing/contents inside

3:14 – Screw Driver & Screws


4:47 – Weight & Size

5:58 – More info about screws

6:55 – Sound

7:44 – Washers

8:50 – Reasoning for dull blade

10:04 – Trainer blade for Rep.

10:37 – Trash community

12:18 – “Fake” anodization


Heckin Bad Flipping says:

I see you are learning to choker fan 🙂 and did you anodized that knife?

needler267 says:

I just got banned from a facebook group balisongs and butterfly knives for defending my view on clones. I personally don’t own a clone but this video made me happy to see someone passionate about flipping.

That said I do with they removed the BRS logo to minimize piracy damages.

XevilangleX says:

Plus its nice to get a clone better than the real 100$ alternatives like the bear ops, which are trash… I support the balisong community, and I own a real BRS barebones… but when money become tight i decided to get a 51 clone… AND i know for a fact down the road ima be getting a authentic one.

Vanilla Music says:

im so glad my birthday is in 7 months ;-;

ATNIC Link says:

I want that knife how i getted?

RK says:

How did you find the money?i can’t save up if I don’t even have money to save or a way to get it

Erdrin Rex says:

I’m still confused
Which is better kenfongs or Bali plus. Because I can’t find a white rep clone by kenfongs but I can find a white one by Bali plus. Also does anyone have an idea on how to ship a Bali in to the UK

toastmebread says:

Does it still flip good

Weeaboo says:

Planning on getting a rep clone and I know that squid trainers exist but i was unfortunate to grab one. Thank you for the info. also, i live in vegas too 😉 (summerlin btw)

Sqn says:

Stay away from clones Jesus Christ.

BaliRap says:

I really want this badly

Giraffe - 6 says:


needler267 says:

Guys I’m going to start a CCC facebook group. It welcomes all kinds clones or authentic. I collect high end and CCC. If this sounds like a community you’re interested in drop me a email at needle_r@yahoo.com or contact me on facebook Jay Leibowitz and I’ll invite you to the group.

the weeb says:

Show meh the fake ano

Balta says:

Should i buy bbbarfly or rep clone?
Ane if rep then baliplus or knefong

RK says:

I finally saved up enough to buy the trainer version

RK says:

Rep clone or covenant clone

Red_Dude T says:

ugh dude thats a fake o ne but great vid though

ProjectTougeRBLX says:

Does the blade come dull or is it sharpened?

RK says:

In your opinion flytanium 51 clone vs kenfong replicant vs tachyon 3 titanium clone

lidor nahman says:

Love this video

Red Gaming says:

Im 14 years old, Ive had a job since I was 12. I spend money every month (Usually about 200) and save the rest, Jobs are out there you just have to be ready to work hard and be dedicated to school at the same time.


Hi! I’ve just bought the trainer bladed one of these and I’m fricking exited. What do you think about the trainer rep? Also people In the community are fu**ing bad bc I bet the rep clones are like 1000000 times better than a bear ops b400 and it costs teh same

Miss Squidly says:

I like you. I dislike the Balisong community and how they handle clones. That’s why I have been holding of on buying a decent Bali. This was really helpful as well thank you

TurnOnPlay says:

They removed it can u send me new link

Tomás J. says:

Hello bro! srry but is hard to me to understand the english…
U said in 3:50 that we need to ask them to not put loctite on the knife screws?
Also, if i get a loctited one, there are any way to get the screw off (keeping in mind that the loctite is the red strength one)?

harambe harambe says:

Has anyone ordered one to canada, I wanna get one but I’m Canadian and I’m not sure if customs will take it or nah

Camron Wright says:

This vid is amazing

Miss Squidly says:

I got one loctite but I ask him to take the latch off

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