Dragon Butterfly knife Trainer Review!

Not your average butterfly knife trainer!
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Mr. Mystery says:

i never got a trainer my dad literally handed me his old knife and said here you go

john pata says:

I have a question. What is better for flipping? A CS:GO trainer with the curved handles or straight handles?


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Wolfenberg says:

“expensive” at 20$… The cheapest trainer you can find in finland is basically 60 eur, apart from brandless ones made by china

john pata says:

I am sitting here wondering “why aren’t the latches magnetic”

xCr0nus says:

I found this knife but it has holes in the blade. Actually i’ve found many knives you’ve shown but they all have holes whereas yours don’t. Where can i find the same knife but without holes? thanks

Shel And Boxten says:

its a butter-fly knife

Asurakuma says:

Do you prefer sandwich or channel handle? and are there cheap trainers with channel construction handles?

Zupie says:

link is not working…

X player says:

my friend has one and it got loose and unstable

McGuire Oliver says:

link didnt work

Starving kid says:

what was the other trainer?

Anonymous Person says:

A BUTTERfly knife

James Quinn says:

i have the exact same trainer and this knife is not good quality one of the screws has tightened so much it makes it impoosible to move the blade and with no way to loosen the said screw it just lowers the quality of the knife and if you spent $20 bucks on that you got ripped off mate mine cost me $10 on ebay

BOPMD says:

are there any other designs for this knife?

Ziroziro says:

the one from Icetek has holes in the blade. very distinguishable

Joseph Hodges says:

I bought one of those. They suck. I wouldn’t take a hundred of em for free. a total piece of junk.

Clorox Bleach says:

Has it fallen apart

Finnly says:

you sir have a loud voice ._.

LOLBeachPlease says:

is there another type of that you would recommend i want a dull blade knife so i can practice

reddragongaming says:

I have this exact bolisong it’s the best bolisong I have ever used.

Leroy Jenkins says:

Wish these were still available

The Tall Midget says:

Is the butterfly knife plastic or metal?

Sharky McShark says:

I’m from Ireland where these are illegal, I ordered a trainer from Amazon with holes in the “blade”, not a real knife, I won’t have any trouble getting it here will I?

Bass Orange says:

Is there any laws for how old u need to be to purchase or own a knife?

LuukyLuuk says:

I would just take the latch off if its in the way

random person AKA Jenerator 360 says:

I have a question. I’m finally allowed to get a butterfly knife but it has to have holes in the blade part and be a trainer that will last a long time. Which one do you recommend?


after some use, how bad is the “play” in the handles?

The Slayersaurus says:

Is the closing problem serious? Like a make or brake thing?

Joseph Roy says:

Your a fucking idiot its not for balance its for design

K.B. Stunts says:

i have the same mouse as he does in the backround

NiklaS says:

Can someone send a link to buy this one because the link in the description doenst work and also some other knives like this one(trainer without holes)thanks

CoolAsFreya says:

Any non-broken link?

Haxor Cheese Stix says:

could you sharpen it to a point?

PickleTickler says:

are these illegal in new york?

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