Elemental Knives Butterfly 2 Hyper Beast 2 Edition Unboxing & Review

This is a review of the Elemental Knives Butterfly 2 Randomized Hyper Beast 2 Edition Bali-song. It is a really cool looking Bali-song but is quite heavy compared to high quality one’s I’m used to and the curved shape is a bit odd but still a cool collectible to have none the less especially for the price. And I do like the spring latch which I miss with most butterflies these days.

You can get it here:


Anders Nannestad says:

Its a CS:GO butterflyknife, thats why its curved

Cosmic says:

have you had any issues with it as in as it fallen apart or somthing

DerTimo says:

For some reason i cant open my bf its locked and my blade doesnt go back anymore ??

Wulved says:

If your inexperienced and use a sharp knife, will you cut itself a lot?

Can Darma says:

Whats ur camera

Skrtt the Fighting GØd says:

Do they come sharp

Damon May says:


Nintee9 says:

Might be some people looking for the pattern, could resell for more than retail.

Yannis Kyriakopoulos says:

Hello, very good video but i have one question. In the site it says “THE FOLDING BUTTERFLY FUNCTIONS AS A FOLDING POCKET KNIFE AND DOES NOT FLIP OPEN LIKE A STANDARD BUTTERFLY KNIFE.” but as i see in the video it flips perfectly. What’s going on?

Regret says:

it really bugged me that the knife sticks out when its closed

Daphne Hooker says:

if it was a trainer i would $$$$$

TheUnknownOwl _ says:

Is it metal or plastic?

Astro Gaming says:

Nice vid

Vilifica says:

wd40 fixed my problem of sticky handles. 🙂

Poisonous Mind says:

the lip smacking i stg

KappaLOrd420 says:

Hey can I get the knife? it keeps selling out and I can’t get it

Rafe Crow says:

If You like elemental knives go check out TakeMeToCStreet

lllEwoklll says:

how long are they??? are they under 5 inches? I’m asking because i might get one someday and i wanna know if its legal in iowa where i live.

Z. J. says:

Glad to see an actual knife owner who knows about his knifes! Great video keep it up 😀

ELITE says:

Is the knife good quality I know it’s mostly for display but do flips and tricks still work well?

JayToSauceyy says:

I don’t know witch design Ima get man fuck that I’m paying for something when I don’t know which design Ima get nigga I want the one with the eye foh

Go-Go-Rilla says:

I got 2 of them and they won’t become unsticky it’s so wierd should I put of wd40 on it?

Płomyczek says:

hello spoky knife realy realy spoky plz heart

OverLordAta ANONYMOUS says:

I got galaxy csgo butterfly knife but its sick

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