Flip Finz (Balisong / Butterfly Knife Style Kids Toy) Now Anyone Can Flip !!!


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spwan10 says:

U know u would have never have bought it if people didnt mention it. Dont do reviews on ridiculous items just because imature tranders want to see whats tranding, if they want tht they can go look at 13year old channle or imature millennial youtuber,

Joe Black says:

walmart sucks man, stop going there. can;’t you find another place to shop???

John Bibb says:

How about jib

Loren Ocampo says:

Is there an alternate toy like that cause its not available on my country :/

Strangerandprimo Gang says:

Went to my local target couldn’t find it :/

JockOfAges says:

There’s some good videos of guys flipping these, the Flip Fins channel has some cool footage.

Jay says:

Tbh I’d rather get a sibling a squiddy

newcoyote says:

This happens all the time. I go to automotive and equipment stores frequently with the expectation of finding a specific item or tool. If I ask the staff and they say they don’t have it, 9 times out of 10 I say bullshit, go looking in the store and find it.

NaviSky Hunter says:

This is what libtards want us to carry for self defense.

Cipher TheDemonLord says:

Well this is a useful fidget spinner, flipper.

the Toasty bagel says:

you should add some “counter strike global offensive” balisongs to your collection

NormireX says:

Thanks for doing this vid Jeff. I was one of the people asking if you were going to check these out.heh Nice to hear your views/opinions on it.

The SaltyAsian says:

Well, it’s pretty good but you can’t fan with it

Herr Keks says:

Welcome to Cutlerylovers Ballisong flipping ranch where safty is number one priority!

Join the oh yeah yeah army. says:

Yeah that would be awesome if you could do some tutorials for some older tricks that you know.

Block Head says:

Hey Jeff, when you do balisong reviews it would be cool to see you flipping them with the camera facing you. Maybe at the end of the video put in like a 30-60 second clip of you using it. Keep up the great content!

Jayden The Golden Gamer says:

I have a black one with a pattern also i can hold it just fine and I’m not in middle school yet XD

Luke Collins says:

The balisong market is booming currently. Lots of demand for videos

toxic flipper says:

at 8:40. I think your right. my 4 year old nephew always wants to flip my knives. and I have a few ccc trainers that he plays with. but I have to watch him closely. because like you said its still metal. and I worry about him hitting himself with it or breaking a window or something. when I seem these a few months ago u instantly thought of my nephew. ill have to look at my local Wal-Mart for one

thanos car says:

I got an add in the begging and it was for this

Therealcreator OOF says:

Can I get alpha beast

mugensamurai says:

I would totally buy that for my kid.

no22sill says:

ends up in the pacific garbage patch eventually

Apav says:

I dont even think the manufactures were targeting any kind of knife demographic. They got the idea from balisongs, but tried to make their own thing. It’s less of a toy balisong, and more of a fidget toy that stole the concept from balisongs.

Link Kirisame says:


Jared Rablin says:

I love the guy at my Walmart, he usually is behind the knife case and he’s very knowledgeable about knives actually!

jonathan barnes says:

I love this toy

It is a good butterfly to flip in public without no-one freacking out

dxmanforlife says:

I was gonna mention this. I guess everyone said it.

Blakobness says:

Oof, I’d have one of these broke within an hour. I can partly understand edging away (ha, get it?) from a knife design, but not really. Considering all of the fake knife and gun toys out there on the market, one more shouldn’t create much of a ruckus. It could just be because it’s a Balisong specifically, they still get a bad rap in a lot of places.

LightingGamerPlays MCPE says:

How much?

the_rustydoornob says:

ya my sister likes flip fins and shes five


On a somwhat related topic:

Jeff, good sir, what’s your favourite balisong trainer these days?

First Last says:


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