Flip Finz unboxing review and giveaway. LED Balsiong Trainer. Butterfly Knife Trainer Review.

Whats shaking YouTube so today I got a really cool video for you guys today we are looking at the new toy Flip Finz. Flip Finz is a new toy that is a basically a plastic light up balisong. Flip Finz is a Walmart exclusive and retails for $7.87. These are totally safe and legal in all areas so this is a good toy for getting people in the balisong community, especially if they are illegal in your area. Balisong aka butterfly knife is a great skill that I wish more people got into and I hope this helps grow the community. Here is flip finz official website http://www.yulutoys.com/products/flip-finz/ . I am going to give one of these away cause they are so awesome.

Flip Finz Giveaway Rules
1. Subscribe to me with subscriptions on public.
2. Follow my fighter and filmer of this video Jose Leon on Instagram @Jleon_mma
3. Comment on his picture of the Flip Finz on his instagram
Please wish Jose Luck on his title fight tomorrow although not needed to win.

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Josh Garcia says:

Camera man sucks is blury

InflamedRey says:

Hey I am next door and I am in Minnesota!! 😀

ATY says:

are you in a hotel? 🙂

Nadd Nova says:


jose leon says:

Lol no way, your friend and I have the same name

Swagfag 69 says:

Milwaukee? I’m in racine, Wisconsin

Mr.Fluffy says:


Cheryl Adviento says:

you’re the best fighter never give up

Jahmir Wright says:

I’m only 11 but I subbed can I plz get one

Dartmoncometh says:

Hey Dylan my cat loves watching you and Tom, I’ll tune in to your channels when you upload and be throwing a yo-yo around and my cat jumps up in front of the screen nearly to watch you guys. xD I tried just turning it on with the cat in the other room and as soon as she heard your voice she came barreling into my room just to watch.

MrMosez says:

Where’s Seejay been?

5harkman Plays says:

Man. I don’t have a social media accounts. So best of luck

Firestarter says:

Hey Dylan, can you make a review of BaliYo?

Josceline Polo De Nova says:


live stream online says:

Looks like a dildo.

JustAnotherYoyo says:

What happened to those shots in the dark? I really wanted to see them.

worldmasher 123 says:

Yay balisong things

Crazycatplays says:

I’m want to learn how to flip. That is why I needed it


So its a balisong for kids..

Spinner Mad says:

Would love one but you cant buy them in Australia, i guess they havent supplied them to Australian stores yet

Jeremie Clarenz Ibanez says:

Hi my name is Enzo and I really want to want to have those bottle song nice I’m a big fan of that

xristos tsalatsanis says:

Can you please 3D print this Yoyo because I think it’s very interesting ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1037458 ). Also I saw this offstring 3D printed Yoyo and it would be awesome if you printed something like this ( https://youtu.be/OaD11AfBvwc )

Bladifyy says:


Robert B says:

Hey Dylan I’m a amateur fighter but my gym shut down and I live in a very small town do you have any suggestions on home training?


hi love your vids

『Spyder』 says:

Haha bootleg plastic balisong.

Hassan Khan says:

At 1:27 it sounds like that plastic hand clapping toy

LevelCapGame Pro says:

My birthday so let me win

Kris Foward says:

Worst cameraman ever. Was a bler though most of th video. Hopefully he’s sees better in his upcoming fight.

Monina Villarama says:

Subscribed cuz I’m the only one in the group that likes these

scope x siege says:

Hi shout out plz for being 6 comment plz I need subs

InflamedRey says:


America angle says:

I’m 10 my birthday is coming up January 25th and I really love balisong is in fact I’ve actually made my own popsicle stick balisong and my Lego balisong and I really want to go to Walmart and buy one of them in like by five of them just to have them just to flip them because I just love the fact about balisongs

Craze Lion mora says:

With their legal in Illinois I’m good then I got mine yesterday

B says:

Is the magic yoyo v4 good for finger spins 1-10

CJD Lathan says:

Review beboo yoyo l1

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