I know I’m late on this video lmao sorry,


Need a budget Balisong?! This could be for you! These should be at/in your nearest Walmart!
Don’t have $8? Well then you’re kinda out of luck 🙁 Sorry

-FlipFinz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flipfinz

Thanks for watching, and have a good one guys!


Peeach says:


Killa Cam says:

Who else got a flip finz ad when they clicked on this video?

il procace cocige bell'imbusto says:

Is some butterfly knife for children

Doomsday Rage says:

Lol I got a flip finz haha

Jose Griego says:

Can i get a flip finz i sub

Clabo says:

Shout out to Otis McDonald for the music tho,,,,

Turd King says:

At least kids of this age will learn how to use a balisong then move on to real balisong, nice trainer without much weight and with it being plastic no cuts but learning how to use a balisong you got to cut yourself many times

Potato Tot says:

Those things broke on me within 5 minutes if using it

RiceBoi Keenan says:

I might want to buy one of these just for the hell of it

Daiki Shimizu says:

*that balisong is so coolヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ”*

Balisong Gods says:

Mcsuse me I got my trainer for 11 dollars and have had it for a year and used it everyday and it still works. Also subscribe to Balisong Gods and follow smallz98765 on instagram for channel updates

the gamer of 2017 says:

The first time i saw that i thought it was going to be bad but when you did it in the dark it looks so cool

Juan Carrillo says:

What a coincidence There’s a flip finz add on right now

mad rocker says:

Where can I buy these in india?Plz help

Eskamle says:

I use an actual trainer and honestly I think that this toy is a lot harder to flip with

Doomsday Rage says:


MR.prickles says:


RexBlade Plays says:

The next fidget spinner?

Danielius žaidžia says:

They are cool because u can bring them to school 🙂

smackdatorange says:

can you bring it to school?

ItsTech GD says:

It’s gay af tbh

It'd Normal Arthur says:

Minecraft sound 3:02 ?

samule raju says:

Samuel raju

hey whats up dude _ says:


notesaw says:

What’s the trick at 2:06 called?

Mr. Cheez-it says:

Finally something I can take to college without getting tackled by a security guard

Francisco Sandoval says:

Right when I played this vid the commercial litterly played

PewPewYT says:

OMG ! I got a flip finz ad!

Nibba in the woods says:

i wanna get a blue one cause then i could spin in public and in my school

meme machine says:

Break that sucker apart and make a real one

Kremit Boi says:

fuck it, just buy a trainer or a real fucking knife. this is bullshit

Clay Soggyfries says:

Just buy a trainer lmao

Hut234 Productions says:

ASMR Reviews

Aidan Thongdy says:

Kid version of balisong

jack kir says:

Were do i find one

Butt Cheek says:

Can ou reply a link to where to get it

P H l StRiKeR says:

Balisongs for kids?

Patrick Tjørning says:

love your videos XD

Mawo Duffer says:

Most kids will want the real thing

B_Man_777 says:

Very accurate review.

Crazylemon 999 says:

Just get a butterfly knife

ShadowGaming says:

Isn’t anyone going to admit that these look like a blunt version of a butterfly knife to train with? Still cool though.

Στυχχ says:

4.5 + 4.5 = 10. Yes.

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