Flipper’s View of the Tachyon III

The latest balisong by Microtech Knives, the Tachyon III, has landed, and boy is it going to leave it’s mark. I’ll show you all a flipper needs to know about this knife, and how it will change flipping and design for years to come. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!


Mastro says:

What camera is?

Jake Richards says:

1000$ go fuck yourself

Aerial says:

is it worth getting? i heard allot of shit about it.

dootmaster 123 says:

honestly you can get pretty much any knife you see your favorite flippers flipping in any video for way under 1,000, regardless of whether or not its discontinued, at most probably 600. This knife doesn’t have any features that make me feel like its worth 1,000 dollars. no play? get a basilisk R, or any HOM knife for 600$ less. Channel titanium? Get a 4x on jerzee devil, they are consistently below 600$. Spring latch? Get a 4x springer.
What did microtech/anthony do that was groundbreaking? a spring pocket clip? having an indent in the knife for grip like literally every noteworthy bali? the only other thing you have talked about is how everything is rounded, and I mean if im going to spend 1000$ on a knife(which, lets be real im not) i expect you to sand the shit out of the knife.
good flipping and editing though!

Big Brown Guy says:

how does this compare to the benchmade 87?

Matthew Holland says:

I got a lot of respect for people who can flip. I tried for a while but just was getting torn up and eventually gave up lol.
Do a lot of flippers also play guitar? It seems like the great hand eye coordination and dexterity would translate. Although as a guitarist I can tell you it doesn’t translate the other way lol.

Hyeong Min Lee says:

Tachyon 3 wow!!!!

Joseph Hodges says:

I have a tach 3 custom that I would be willing to sell. call or text me at 270 779 0125. Ask for Joe.

Kris Da Bali Guy says:

im his 400th sub

Joseph Young says:

You can mail this to me so I can flip until mine gets in 🙂

Anthony Burke says:

hey man can you clarify for me, was this super sweet bali discontinued??

nick_o_shay kendall says:

And breath!!!!!! Got a little light headed there lol. Normally have to pay a subscription fee for filth like that. What a balisong I really dig the looks on this thing so would love to flip one .dude can I ask have you flipped the alui one and if so how would you say chaps feel on it. So they lock in or are they floaty and light .? Just may have an option to buy my first real Bali a tech 3 blue black combo elmax and aluminium the aluminium is ejats worrying me not softness it’s the weight and more so balance that worries me as I like chaps 0g twirling and such so worried may not be the knife for me

Slash'n Cut says:

It looks WAY more beautiful than the previously released pictures.
Still waiting for my mine, though

airtec87 says:

a damn nice knife but for $1000? Will these even go into full production?

Bali/ booty says:

666 subs

Cotton Boxer says:

love the handles, but as usual microtech does something to the blade design that kills it for me. on this version i don’t like the fuller design, and i sure can’t stand recurve blades grrr.

i like the blade profile minus the recurve, 5 ” is about 1/2 ” too big imho. but don’t matter much cause i’m not going to buy it now.

bbnguyen92 says:

These need to be made into regularly produced by Microtech.

bbnguyen92 says:

Beautiful knife! I need to learn how to do rollovers and twirls like you! All I have is a Kimura V. I plan on getting a Tachyon II eventually.

Chuck Norris says:

any idea when this will realise for 370 dollars?

PPC Airsoft says:

You need a lot more subscribers! You definitely deserve it! Great video

Sceyef says:

It’s everything I ever wanted in a knife… Titanium, Channel, Spring latch, looks amazing, great flipper 😮

And then I remember I live in Canada so I’m limited to CCC trainers

Rick Deckard says:

honestly why do ppl carry these balis?  looks cool, but impractical

Killabee-23 says:

How does Dave not have more people subscribed to his channel?! He’s a beast! But yet some Canadian who must not be mentioned has a shit ton of subs.

FlipZone says:

Great video! I was kinda surprised that you like it so much as a flipper since there are no holes or slots in the handles. If it’s similar to an ELB it has tobe fantastic!

Kris Da Bali Guy says:

wow… no dislikes, im impressed

Badman Oorah says:

Thanks god, you still have those 5 fingers intact 🙂

Brawny Buck says:

Oh gosh. I need it.

Mr NiceKnife says:

Can’t wait to get one of these, lucky bastard LOL

Quinton Simpson says:

I want to flip one 🙂

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