Foxxy Reviews: Dragon Butterfly Knife Trainer With Spring Latch (Fake Benchmade)

I made an update video on this trainer which you can see here

You can find this product by searching for “dragon balisong” on ebay

This was a bit of a random review. I was looking into getting a new trainer and came across this one on ebay. I was shocked that it had no visable screws and featured a spring latch… for those that may not know these 2 things arent that popular in cheap Chinese balisongs. They are usually found on higher priced knives.

Once i received it and played with it for about a week i had to review it since i dont think anyone else has a video on this sort of trainer. Oddly it claims its a benchmade brand knife… which is an obvious lie.

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Anci Ana says:

I’ve got the real one in rainbow color from army shop its totally worth 30$ i wanted to try practice one first but didnt find one so i protected knive with tape so i didnt cut myself☺️btw love ur videos❤️


Mine is a real design of this it is a union but amazing but does come with a real benchmade case

Intricate Bibliophile says:

Foxxy how do u nail the tricks? I want to learn

Hmlsc says:

How can you not see the pins holding it together

Wick 18 says:

Mine didn’t hold up at all. It has so much play on the handle I do not recommend the knife at all

kjclips says:

Idk if you’ll see this but is it a good starting point for a beginner?

Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it. says:

Do these hurt then they hit your knuckle

Brandon Callahan says:

Icetek made the original one from what I can tell. I bought one of their website yesterday for $15. (€13.35)

Everything On this channel says:

they sell real benchmade at walmart where im from foxxy

- TicTacTaco says:

The pin/rivet always falls out of mine….

Keefmoneyy says:

I have ordered the butterfly, are u still using it?

Evan Straatsma says:

This guy knows nothing about balisongs

SPORK 1569 says:

my spring fell apart can someone help me fix it because now I don’t have a spring latch now a normal latch

AnimeLapse says:

You know it’s fake when they spell Company “Compsny” All the fake benchmade boxes are like that on the back near the bottom.

Classie Chips says:

I have one of these too but it pinches badly. I get little cuts from it a lot but I still like it.

Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it. says:

Should I get icetek dragon or moonboat as my first

Brandon Green says:

I got this knife for 25$ brandless?

Vace says:

Foxxy you’re the best

Blackhawk Survival says:

I got the same knife but no sign on knife but same package

RizeN says:

foxxy i just got it today the bite handle is loose but the safe handle is stiff and i cant really do tricks

Fresh_ King08 says:

I have that Balisong

Henry c says:

also the knife u got is just a tyoe of clone like balisongs sold at

War_Sheap says:

Does it still keep up, and have you been heavy flipping it allot

D J H A N Z E L [ ハ ン ゼ ル ] says:

my tang pin moves. do you have any idea how to fix this?

Shadowgaming246 says:

I’m going to get a butterfly knife should this be my first trainer?

Commently says:

wait wait so is this knife that doesn’t show the screws safer??? Or More dangerous???

BlazertronGames says:

I just bought it, it’s the same but instead of being a fake benchmade, it’s H & S alliance brand

Erol Jr says:

i bought this not realising it was a fake one it broke on the 2nd day

Blackhawk Survival says:

I got the same knife but no sign on knife

Grug says:

Is it still in good condition?

Underswap Sans says:

I have one of those 2, dem izza cool

PotatoMasterRace says:

can you help me when i flip it the bite handle gets stuck and isn’t going down, idk what to do

Voltenic says:

bench model 42 vs cheap dragon balisong

Robotking says:

A screw popped out when I was practicing and the handle split in half… it then dropped on the floor….

So now I’m trying to find a new one to buy…

synos0202 says:

PLEASE can you link me the link where you got it? so many fake ones

Polmond Sua says:

hey is the bladeplay, springlatch and zenpins still holding up?

Mr Spooky says:

bamboo balisong or this one for first trainer??!

Butt Boy says:

Foxy I’m scared to order this because people are saying there stif and they don’t flip

George Bush says:

What’s your psn

Zalistarr says:

can u do anything apart from a double roll out

Your replies are useless, you autistic shit says:

I just focused on that sankarea profile picture lol

ofek moskovitch says:

can you send the link for this specific balisong?

Budderdimond 23 says:

Zen pins, they insert regular pins and the put metal in where the pins go

HALF•ALIVE is life. says:

Love your profile picture Foxxy.

Luthfan Hindami says:

i got the gold one

Lamivern says:

is this the one?

im _really_ paranoid and, like you said, pessimistic about buying things online. i just wanna make sure so i know im buying the right one

Etherian Primal Reviews says:

“Benchmade Knife Compsny, Inc.”

they put an “s” instead of an “a”, didnt notice that right away i had to rewind the vid lmao
sneaky chinese fakes man

Edgylix says:

screws wont stop falling out this trainer is a piece of junk

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