Foxxy Reviews: Update on My Dragon Balisong (Nearly 1 Year Later)

Making this update video to answer all the questions i’ve been getting on my original review for the trainer. If you have not seen the review in question, there is a link at the end of the video.

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Cameron Hill says:

Is it possible to remove the latch?

Ali rebuar says:

Nice video, can i have a link to the knife, i know its 1 year since you bought it.

My balisong have alot of handle play can i like fix this

OddlyWN says:

Mines just been dispatched

Liam Forman says:

Chinese?, it says Benchmade, is it a fake?

Daily Vines says:

where to buy??

Eddie King says:

I have both and highly recommend the dragon Balisong as a first choice. The second one is still better than the flick or other cheaper brands however.

Scruffy says:

you could break the latch with pliers and your foot

Aka Sledge says:

got the Same Trainer and after 2 years it is quite allright but the handleplay is Like almost 2 cm

Nimbus Storm says:

i need new tang pins because when i got mine they were too loose, do you know where i can get one? mine is the exactr same model btw

Boken ka gaming says:

all ebay review say they break really quick is it true (the pins fall)?

Tech for Newbs says:

Don’t oil the knife I did and now the handle play worsens a lot more I would rather deal with a noisy balisong than having it flip like crap and it is actually decent I managed to do the classic shortstop and even the murnax ladder on it though it isn’t as nice as a fake brs replicant


Can u give the link of the knife?

Abdullah Al Khafaji says:

It doesn’t cut anything right?

CACuber says:

this guy proves you don’t need a 200 dollar knife to be a good flipper

VspBuildz TTV says:

I’ve had that red one and it snapped on both handles


Are the zen pin will rust if i put water?

AV Cuber says:

i make balisongs myself (not the best but they will do fine ) so i know and can replace the tang pin

Lil Jimmy says:

That statue in the background…….

brett Wiens says:

What knife was that red one with the play I think I ordered that one

FireofFear says:

Link to product please

BerserkZeta says:

I’m new to this, getting mine very soon. What is handle play?

Icysurfer says:

@Foxxy how do you tighten these?

eli samurai says:

Wait what i got a benchmade butterfly knife for 15 dollars and now its 100 dollars on Amazon

Rodger Oakley says:

My personal opinion is i don’t like those knives specifically the dragon is because there’s no hardware/bolts

Drone Veiw says:

Hey man☺☺☺☺☺☺put an o ring on that locking latch

MrWalvei says:

I have a fake benchmade with holes in it and it just get stuck can someone help me and say what im gonna do maybe oil it? idk but i think im gonna buy this knife alså btw great video.

CreepyBoi 9 says:

How do you remove the latch?

Shiny Timbit says:

Make another one?

Hexigonal the Noob says:

how many gram?

Iris Noriega says:

Foooooxy can you sand me one plz

kaapo kuokkanen says:

Nice flipping!

novis 161 says:

Thanks for the review

Butterfly Effect says:

The things about knives that cost hundreds of dollars is that you can’t imagine how well they flip without trying them. Cheap ones seem great, but once you flip a good one you’ll never go back

Pykuthepingu says:

Hey foxy which is better the bamboo one or this one

seemore11232 says:

He should do intermideit tricks #how to do them. Im onley just now know all the beginner

pdp big glowy brain says:

0:56 there is less play because the blade is in the way?

Olgu Merkan says:

Does anyone know how to tighten this knifes handle please i need to know

Jakob Edvardsen says:

I’ve had also one of those

the_rustydoornob says:


Luke Graham Cassar says:

this is gonna be my first knife. is it good for beginners? please reply fast!

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