Good .vs bad cheap balisong/butterfly knives

Taking a look at a couple CCC balisongs I picked up both worth it NO


Edward Richtofen says:

Whats funny is that I bought the exact same knife and it came in that exact same box at a store called The Third Planet. (The price was around $25)

copycat shinobi says:

dat nail

Coctail Frank says:

i was just focused on his nail

Black Arcor says:

I haven’t watched his vids for long and I’ve been wondering what that black mark on his thumbnail is. Anybody care to explain?

James GRINNAN says:

the amount of times he says hes impressed with the better balisong is too damn high

Steve mine says:

I went to iss for bringing one, a practice one. I dont this kid it was not real and he still wrote me up im shook, i told him 3 times it was not real

PSD says:

I got this for 8$

Sehvens says:

That black one that you have I had the same one in 4th grade and it was very terrible cause it broke in 2 days of having it

Versetzt says:

My knife is ass

J G says:

Can someone give me a website where I can buy one plz help me plz

Connor M says:

Why does his thumb look like he put it in his ass your one hour then pulled it out then did a video

sopheap Chann says:

It’s Jared from subway

Tactical Bacon says:

dose anyone want one of these but ther mom wont let u have not even a trainer

The Destroyer 1 says:

How do you know there not just display knifes

Attack Helicopter says:

oliasport is the closest thing to a brand i can find for those characters.

Kieron Williams says:

notice that black spot on his thumb? if its not a bruise it may be sign of cancer

Ma Name Jeff says:

50$ for one is cheap??

ProfyDen The Roblox player says:

i liek the noise it makes when you open it

weegee888ZEN says:

nice thumb

asian_ boi23 says:

Mine broke in 2

DeltaPivot says:

As a Balisong Trickster, I can’t stress enough. Kids, if you’re new, you dont actually need a Trainer Knife. HOWEVER, please wear gloves. Some tricks require the back of the blade to collide with your hand. Its not sharp (If you’re gripping the Saftey Handle), and doesnt hurt. But with shorter or cheaper balisong’s (which are great to start out with) may have a curved point, or just a short point. And when you’re starting out, even learning the basic opening flip, the point can hit or scratch your hand. So the best thing to do when starting out is to WEAR GLOVES.

Daniel Hurtado says:

Where did you get your good one?

c- m says:

Anyone know any websites that are good to buy a bailsong

Coofee says:

i buyed a $9 balisong from aliexpress and idc fuck you
(dont take this seriously plz)

XDreamingX says:

whats on your thumb?

Unionknight Gaming says:

why did u color your right thum nail with a marker


I’ve got a paper balisong.

Tbh it works quite well lol.

Lance Gono says:


thediamondcrafter xxcoolgamesxx says:

no need for butterfly knife when u can break the other hand of the scissor and flip it back to back

Mutant Light says:

There’s a gun store not far from my house charging like $350 for butterfly knives that look like those.

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