I got Some New Balisongs (Butterfly Knives) 4.21.16


Mark Collier says:

Have you ever handled anything from BRS? I just acquired a 51 and could almost kick myself because I could’ve bought a Replicant for just a little more cash but as a beginner Bali enthusiast I didn’t know anything about it. I like the 51 though.

rfuvi1 says:

buying it…
easy, to bring it to the car, or city, welllll, No can do. done, Ct law explained. not a lawyer. just a civilian. enough said.

Zombie Slayee says:

hey I will do anything to get the black one. the first one. I got 18 dollars

babouille444 says:

Trainers are a stupid idea and a lost of money.
Just put some electricity tape on the edge and it’s ok.

Bbb Hhh says:

I’m 14 and i asked my mom for a balisong for my birthday. She’ll probably say no but my stepdad would try to convince her due to his small collection of knives

Alan Guo says:

It would be great to see more balk song tutorials!

Alexandre Arnau says:

Umm…you CAN walk out of the house with a balisong, Jeff. I live in Lackawanna County, and carry one with me as part of my EDC. Commonwealth vs Miles found that balisongs were NOT prohibited offensive weapons, so therefore leg. The only place you can’t carry one is in Philly, because ALL knives are illegal in Philly.

FATshadow says:

For someone to accuse a content creator of making videos for views is like accusing a chef of making food to eat. What’s the point otherwise?

The 3d melon says:

WHAT is the length

Greg Irvine says:

shut up show the knife

War_Sheap says:

I dont think this is the right video to ask this on but since you was a balisong channel imma just ask it.
So basicly 3 years ago i got a forged balisong from my dad when he was in the philippine.
But the guy who made it was no proffessional and it has taken a beating. Misbalanced etc, but what would u expect from a 5 dollar knife now i am gonna start yousing it as a display item, but i need a new one
Id like a balisong that is under 100$ and that is probably hard to find a good one under this price
And or a nice flipper if it can compete whit top tier balisongs count it in even if its over 100$
And in no way do i support knockof knifes from china but is there any companies who copy knife design from populare branks like the alpha beast or bm40 series couse i really like the more agressive blade looks but they are often the most expensive ones
I allso really enjoy the looks of filipino handmades whit the woodcolour and bronzecouring

EDC Kid says:

Another thing to ad is I can walk out with a machete and not my butterfly knife that I play with friends just for fun

Nanchi Knives says:

i am currious i really want a philipino made balisong but i am afraid it will be taken by the stupid customs people if they take it because they like it or because some consider is a switchblade witch makes no since any thoughts?

Moslim Islam says:

They are illegal because people hurt themselves with it. They have to illegalize it to protect the stupid.

Laurens Noy says:

Could you make a video were you show Some tricks with the balisongs?

Luis Avalos says:

can u buy a butterfly knife at a store like walmart

Audionfire EDC says:

The links in the description don’t work

Morgan Lang says:

luckily I live in Oklahoma were pretty much every kind of knife is legal.

commando spinner says:

bro i know your reading this but i want to have a butterfly knife please can i have one pls

Random_rapper20 says:

I click the links they are all damn trainers ^_^

Red The Coversationslayer says:

The laws are there so that people who are ignorant to proper technique and etiquette hurt themselves and others. Even if the were legal, there would still be “that douchbag” that flips around kids or too close or somthing.

PinBallPooper says:

do you know if that is the same for ohio I am a kid, and I love knives can I get a ballisong legally

Nanchi Knives says:

i love tanto and that second point that replaces belly is the king of edc tasks at least for me

Deric Hobson says:

would you give me one I’m
Robie Hobson on facebook

Adam Ramirez says:

Man I love your videos you are so awesome and I love your zippos your the best thanks for making these videos they are awaome

Xavier Miracle says:

Dude I’m 11 and I got my butterfly knife 3 days ago and I already have scars all over my hand lol.

Long Wang says:

isnt 114 ccc?

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