In defense of Bear and Sons

Talking about bear and Sons Cutlery as well as bear Ops USA specifically balisongs butterfly knives


Apprentice Sword says:

I have a bear & son 114b. Fun to flip, and has a nice heavy feel. Worth buying if you can’t afford anything more at the time.

Anime Bad Boy 1999 says:

Yo nigga you need to clip your nails

Rileyh_99 ' says:

I just recently bought the bear ops song 2 with the g10 scales and I personally love it. I couldn’t find a knife that was around the price range of $100 with what I was looking for. I can definitely see why people do not like this company, but like I said I love my knife.

Beb The Birb says:


David Poulsen says:

For your information the reason people don’t like the new tag pins is because they literally snap off if you flip it a lot like most people do which should NEVER happen and you shouldn’t be required to replace them, in my opinion while u still have the tang pins the b200 is on of my favorite flippers, actually up there with my replicant and 42

John Ryan says:

I actually broke my bear ops b-400 last saturday I spent 50 bucks on it a couple months ago and I was just trying to perfect my zen rollover with it an I dropped it on my floor (to be fair my floor is concrete but it does have a decently thicc carpet over it) and the zen pin snapped it isn’t a screw it’s just a peice of metal and is straight snapped so I went to the site that they said to go to for the warranty on the box and it didn’t work so that’s been my experience with baer and sons cutlery so far and I probably won’t be going back to them

Nanchi Knives says:

Bear and son will charge you $20 to fix your 30 dollar knife if you call in the warranty that comes in the box They will say its not covered by the warranty

Matt Baker says:

I’m not much of a flipper more of a knife/edc guy. I can flip it open but that’s it. I still want a 100 to 150 Bali but damn kimura and bear ops get a lot of hate so I really don’t know if I should buy…

Łukasz Mojsiejuk says:


Electro says:

Kickass mod man.

Yz250fTony says:

I have a b200 b4s, I had to replace the tang pins also…stupid things are too short! 4mm(or was it 5?) steel barstock worked. I almost went with brass also but i didn’t have any that fit. I really like the handles rounded off, I may have to do that on mine. The straight edges make it tricky to flip.

Kamron Bornhoft says:

You should really make a video testing balisongs and otf knives from wish.

Timothy Senpai says:

I have no clue what these knife names and stuff are but they look nice 🙂

Matt Baker says:

So happy to see a new video from you.. I’m very tempted to go kimura or bear ops Bali.

Nicer Knifes says:

Bear and son is crap and breaks, bear OPS(!!!!) doesn’t cause bear OPS(!!!!!!) is good

TheMawsJawz TM says:

“There may be a reason behind that…”
I laughed so hard.

GoldMasterAssassin says:

3:30 I wonder how such a strong material broke like that

Rich Scales says:

i have the all stainless ss14 cost $54, very solid…. great flipper

Darren G says:

Do your views stay the same on the 2018 Kimura?

Dipper Pines says:

Give me ‘3’ Nevermind but cool g-10

Kris Da Bali Guy says:

i agree with a lot of what your points were, but i will add that not only with Bear & Sons but with Bear Ops people i know have had very inconsistent experiences. I know people like Dragon fire that have just had horrible times with the company over small things like hardware failure, then people like you who’ve had the best time with them. personally i think the company is more of a hit or miss kind of buy, but i do think when you sore them right, you do get a damn good knife.

Josh Velazquez says:

The greatest Balisong company is and always has been Benchmade but bear ops is acceptable

David Labrado says:

What’s is the legal age to carry a folder in California??

Rich Scales says:

they actually sent me a free pin set when i emailed a pin had broke…. had 2 sets of pins in….. they also sell pins on their site.
i havve the all stainless ss14… the handles arent sandwiched either… for $54 you cant beat it


Dude if you pay $60+ on a knife from a usa made company and it still breaks idk if you are getting what you paid for. A bunch of the flaws you see in bear ops/ bear & son knives are so easy to fix and probably wouldn’t add too much to the cost to correct. I want to like bear and son but they make it so hard. They are the only company making vintage looking balisongs in the usa for a good price, but what is the point in spending money on em if they just fall apart? 🙁 at the end of the day im probably still going to buy an ss14 anyway because they look pretty cool.

Scowler says:

Balisongs are kind of an afterthought for BSC. They mostly make traditional slipjoints and lockbacks.

Jonathan Taylor says:

I picked up their new kimura on release and it definitely has its issues. It would be real kimura quality if not for them cheaping out on extremely soft screws and using washers that are too thick. I’m still in the process of making new scales for mine that are less aggressive in texture.

Ozaiz says:

What is a bali i can buy under 150

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