Got an IRL CS:GO Butterfly knife! Remember to leave Q&A questions below 😀

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Logan Medalle says:

I got that knife in a different color

Ierdna 01 says:

You can’t kill anyone but you can kill your dog… (and a cola can)

Ricco Flores says:

All black

Aaron PlayZ says:

looks very nice +Beasty Games

Michael Lewis says:

knife laws on balisongs vary from state to state. luckily I live in a state where we have practically no laws on knives, just conceal/open carrying them

Drake the Star Wars fan says:

It’s illegal in four states

Brantley Turner says:

Certain states are ilegal

MHD Productions says:

I have one of those they work great if you get them from the right place

Blue 16 says:

butterfly knives are legal in US, only in a couple states are they actually banned. there is also no federal laws banning them.

Average flipper says:


lukeyjukey 2 says:

You should look at elemental knives they have amazing replicas from csgo and u can put in a dull setting so it won’t cut you and you can practice with it

ichiebansot says:

U just can’t carry a real butterfly knife in public but u can legally carry trainers in public

Cale Wise says:

My best skin is four skin

V0RTEX says:

you can buy them sharp and it’s not illegal if they aren’t illegal where you live

Spekdelos says:


DeSean Reaves says:

I’ the 45,000th view BITCHES

AumniX says:

beasty more like beastiality

Your God says:

I hate the way you open and close the balisong

Svante Löfroth says:

I’M A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jvillager 12345 says:

Me too beasty the deafult skins I didn’t have any.

NinjaInPajamas says:

Articulate? Da fuq u serious? *cough
Rotate dumbass

Alex Nunn says:

In West Virginia, where I live, it is legal to buy and sell any type of knife

Assassin Creed says:

eBay slaughter $14.95

The Diamond Dallas says:

how much cocain is he on

Zorriffy says:

How do u poop ur pants

Nick Stockwell says:

Your so funny I just subscribed

chase castro says:

This video was weird but it was the funniest thing of ever seen in my entire life

G.A.I.N Awesomeness says:

Not illegal depending on state and county you can or can not. Nevada for the most part can. (you can check your local knife laws)

Nick Jordan says:


I am interested in sponsoring your channel. Please send me an email at to continue the discussion.

Daniel de Vera says:

and you can’t flip…

redfox animation says:

The basics: What can I own?In Oregon, as long as you have no felony convictions, can own whatever you want. There is no provision against the purchase or possession of any type of knife, whether that be a folding knife or a cane sword.Okay cool. So what can I carry?Here’s where it gets fairly interesting. The statute regarding the carry of concealed weapons has been challenged in court a lot. for the curious, 166.240 of Oregon Revised Statutes reads1)Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, any person who carries concealed upon the person any knife having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force, any dirk, dagger, ice pick, slungshot, metal knuckles, or any similar instrument by the use of which injury could be inflicted upon the person or property of any other person, commits a Class B misdemeanor.Oregon makes a large distinction between open and concealed carry, but doesn’t actually define “concealed carry,” so lets start with that. Per State v. Turner (2008) the OR Supreme Court ruled that the weapon must be readily identifiable as such, or there must be evidence one was attempting to disguise the fact they are carrying a weapon.So this ruling prohibits what other states call “deceptive weapons”. Belt buckle knives, cane swords, etc, cannot be carried What this ruling very clearly doesn’t do is prohibit knives in sheaths or belt holsters, specifically even if a jacket partly covers it, that was established in State v. Johnson(1989). So carrying of fixed blade knives in the open, unless someone is actively trying to conceal it, is legal. This includes in your car as long as it is not “readily accessible”However there’s many more precedents. Under the original law, switchblades and spring assisted knives were barred from carrying concealed. However, State v. Ramer (1983)reversed that. The court found switchblades were pocket knives and as such were legal to conceal. So autos and otf knives are legal to conceal on the person.Dirks and daggers too, originally differed to the dictionary definition, “a sharp pointed knife for stabbing” which could, broadly interpreted, mean all knives. Once again, this was challenged in State v. McJunkins (2000). The court found the knife had to be “specifically designed for stabbing”. This too is vague, but to err on the side of caution it prohibits double edged weapons from being concealed. A jury will be the decider on if your knife was intended for stabbing.The statutes for gravity knives/balisongs have not been challenged in court and as such I recommend a sheath if you do choose to carry one, even better if on a belt.The bottom line on carry:You can carry concealed:manual knivesspring assisted knivesfixed blade knivesConcealed means a reasonable person couldn’t tell it was a weapon, or that you were actively trying to hide you had a weapon (the jury is still out on pocket clips and them being “open”. Do at your own risk)You can carry openly:butterfly knivesgravity knivesDirks (18 inch Scottish Dagger,)Daggers (knife designed specifically for stabbing)You can’t carryDeceptive weapons (belt knives, sword canes, etc)

MHD Productions says:

Also half the tricks from CS GO you cant do because it defies the laws of physics and gravity

Lance Wilson says:

y do you have guns

lucius Malfoy says:

I bought the same knife at the mall but mines super sharp I have a big collection of sword knives daggers and all that that knife is the sharpest

HANGING 404 says:

Oh dude. That’s not Real EK, that’s China copy’s.

Sclusive says:

Hey dude, where did you buy this from Amazon, I don’t really feel comfortable giving my money to other online stores. Thanks

Ganjo Molarki says:


paul brown says:

i tried the discount it didnt work

Lance Wilson says:

y do you have guns

Justin Attoh Veerman says:

You can’t balance butterfly knife its the falchion you can balance

Gexio Tub says:

i only get a 0,50 $ skin

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