IRL Slaughter Red Butterfly Knife Unboxing/Review

I hope you guys enjoyed the video more videos of knifes will be coming soon !! I would recommend this knife to anyone that love butterfly knife it is a great quality knife for its price and once again i want to thank Cutss for sending me this awesome knife for free and letting me do a review on it !!
Don’t forget to check out and use the code “Duck24” for a 10% discount at checkout.



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Robin Clark says:

Does it come with an Allen wrench or something to tighten/loosen the hinges?

TrueBeedrill says:

Looks like the knife from CS:GO and Counter Strike

KickaGamerFreak says:

I’m thinking of buying one, is it good quality, does it work correct in a long time? 🙂

mohammad usman says:

Is it a practice knife?

Максим Channel says:


Jacques Yarbrough says:

thank you

StopMoss b says:

Is it stat track?

Greg Morales says:

I ordered mine on the 3rd they said 10 days and it still isn’t here?

『King Crimson』 says:


neb the neb says:

How long did it take to ship?

whopeter says:

how does it flip?

Jacques Yarbrough says:

I didn’t see a link. all I seen was this 10% off code thing & you kept sliding your finger across the scree below the balisong.. So again, what web site are you talking about. you’re review has me interested in the blade.

Lazy Gambit says:

It’s 20 bucks on amazon

Mat Barahona says:

Is it a good flipper ?

PrimalSabre says:

Why is the packaging not cutss??

Tom The Bomb says:

Factory new stat track on fleek

Alex Hung 22 says:

it’s sharp?

Şhąďøw'ş Ęńď says:

Ew, the way he opened it

EmoFnafUndertaleAnimeFan123 says:

what does the red part of the handle feel like? always wanted to knoe

lvl 150 glaz says:

how long did it take to get there
I just ordered mine

Josh Pasinski says:

Just wanted to know if the knife is sharp or not, because I am thinking of getting one.

Jefferys Colon Gold says:

“High quality”
lmao ok

picklies baby says:

are you sponsored?

The Magnetix says:

Do i need a screwdriver??? fall the handles off??

SmiSS SC says:

It doesn’t look like a good flipper

SocrstaR says:

i can cut my balls with this ?

Skydrow 55 says:

it’s a training knife?

Jackdaw says:

I MUST HAVE THIS! PS: this was posted on my birthday 😀

Frank Bui says:

Is the play in the handles good?

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