Just bought a Benchmade 51

My first impressions on the bench made 51 I know I am biased but I seriously fancy this little knife a amazingly non-traditional design but so far with some fantastic attributes


Clay Soggyfries says:

You paid 200 bucks for a knife.

Mr.Mental says:

I thought that bug was on my screen

skully k says:

We’re do you live I wanted to buy but don’t know if I can buy a knife in Portugal from Amazon please help me with the laws if I can buy a knife from Amazon to Portugal please help

Sanz TV says:

When he said its a toy i predicted that miles away.

plejaren giants says:

It’s not a toy. The people in the Philippines designed, created and used these knives specifically in their daily lives. Good upload!

Dont-be Evil says:

this video really speaks to me,

bruutus99 says:

So this is where the official knife rock drop test started back in 2015.

Cheyenne Vincent says:

Is this Seth Rogan talking

Building Random says:

Food preparation! ;^)

Ty S says:

Im having a problem with my balisongs falling apart…Idk I drop them a few times, but they only usually last a month….humph

Cro Minion says:

The 51 is an excellent edc knife, if you live in a place where they’re legal to carry (I do).

O.G Garcia says:

I usually underhype my self then when I hold one I shit my self from how good it feels


You can hear the dip in his mouth lol.

SpontaneousCombustionMan says:

Perfect if you are a Frenchman going in for the kill on the German doctor.

Stannis The Mannis says:

Love the 51 it was razor sharp cutting into my pinkie lol

Gabriel Phua says:

Well that’s a beautiful knife sadly it’s illegal in my country

roel obligacion jr says:

Dats was packing ixpensive


Sashka Sukamo says:

Boi doesn’t wash his hands

Dom rigatoni says:

Balisongs kind of ARE toys if you think about it
I sit there with mine and I have to say, sometimes it feels like a big, slightly more dangerous fidget spinner that i can lose a finger with.

kurt says:

luger is a judgemental guy… if he has a loss for words, its great

Powermauler45 says:

This video has convinced me to get one.

dsagent says:

*That FRICKIN bug is driving me insane!*
I agree with you on the toy part. There are much better knifes for actual cutting.

Babble Licious says:

How long have you had yours until you felt the need to apply local tite?

Drone Veiw says:

Me too lol

TVD- The Remedy says:

Damn, that thing looks good.

jonathan barnes says:

Would it be good for edc

Jeremiah Musgrave says:

he sounds like he’s black

Daniel Baldi says:

probably a good idea to use it in the kitchen, its a d2 blade so itll be great for actual cutting

Tactical Tim says:

i think as far as usability goes the 32 would be more on the functional side for its smaller size but greed agreed all bali knives are toys lol i dont think anyone buys a balisong for its convenience lol nice vid and good close ups and info.

aale lol says:

“You disengage that lock, and all of a sudden it becomes just…loose…and makes….hear this, its just…it…it almost reminds me of uhh…..liquid”


Hunter Forsberg says:

Bruce Lee should be proud of this knife “be like water”

Ricycle1 says:

HAHAHHA much love Lugermonger for the shoutout. I asked benchmade several times to do a locking test for the bm51 and they never did, so i decided to do it for them. Keep up the good work on your videos.

Andrew Bowers says:


Alyoo Stop looking at me says:

My brother got this knife online for only $60!!! Holy hell he got a good deal

Edit: sorry guys i meant 160 not 60

Burkinater 48 says:

@Lugermonger – I loved my 51 when it was new, but now unfortunately the latch has sort of worn out and won’t stay closed. Has that happened to you?

Garrett Gutterridge says:

its not just a knife…..its a rock

Donnie Darko says:

That’s because its an expert flipper knife its got to be loose

Boba Fett420 says:

this was my dream knife when I was a kid.. til I discovered the Extrema Ratio Glauca B1

RK says:

Where did you buy it

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