Killing Airsoft Players with REAL CS:GO BUTTERFLY Knife (Emerald)

Knife Kills in Airsoft are one of the hardest things tu pull off – Watch me how I try it with a Real Life Replica of a CS:GO Butterfly Knife
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Novritsch SSG 24 Sniper Rifle –
Novritsch SSP1 Pistol –

Mag Pouch –
Holster –
Harness –
Battlebelt –
Hydration Pouch –
Universal Pouch –
Grenade –

Pistol BBs –
Sniper BBs –
Gas –

Scopecam –

Rangefinder –
Chronograph –


DarpYZ says:

Where’s the link in Butterfly knife

captan kreeper says:

At this rate this just cos:go irl

László Gál says:


Freddie Hawney says:

He has an Asimov and a emerald butterfly knife all you need to do is b-hop and your playing cs-go

Firefox sniper says:

Ben je belg

Päivää Päivää says:

You have big viewmodel bro

iiSnecker 7 says:

Is a Jade no???

Niilo Kinnunen says:

Awp check fancy knife check deserteagle X

Nich Scarvelli says:

I would love to play but in Australia it’s illegal because the guns look to real

Jordan McBlubbergoose says:

I used a lego butterfly knife when I played airsoft lol


Wow nice channel

Artemikon Play says:

что за мачо,да он глобаль навернае.у миня проста ябало триснуло збираю по шматочкам

Reseterz says:

in a fact he play with asiimov

Officer Poopy says:

Bro he’s lagging.

Awesomeday TOC says:

bro why you sound like nadeking

XxMoNzTeRzxX says:

Good click bait

Cringy says:

Has AWP , decides to kill enemies with a pistol at distance.

CrimeraRi Bloody says:

I feel that you are russian

Geo GamerYT says:

I thought this was real for a moment

Dark Wolf HD says:

One time I heard a German sentence I’m German

FILIN says:

Why did you carry all the videos awp with you when you barely used them?

x_Snypezz says:

Wo hast du das her

h1rdiz hard says:

Какого хуя я это смотрю

Jakub Mařík says:

You could get a glock water elemental

Miguel v says:

Du bist deutscher oder Österreicher oder Schweizer

WoW Dogeee says:

Could some1 tell me how much you will pay for an hour or a day of airsoft?

wodka Tillo says:

Er spielst aif.ner deutschen map aber spricht englisch

KevGamesTv says:

Bro an awp asiimov irl

Zyreos says:

Counter-Terroists Win

stOrm TV says:

I find camper now!!!

Myrmid0n says:

Cuts does not make goot balisong trainers!
They are for show/wallhangers and not as good as trainers. The one‘s from bokhammer only cost ~5 dollars more but are much better as trainers

Justas Maselis says:



It’s butterfly knife for trainer

Rezha says:

*KennyS want know your location*

if you know what i mean

The Mysterious Gamers says:

Next time man just rush b

FurryGamer :3 says:

How to get views

Add CS:GO to the title matter it is just a butterfly knife

Gw2Fan Gw2 says:

Are you from germany?

Rayya Pen says:

Could you play without aim down sight?

Cytryn QA says:


xXVittorioXx _Br says:

Why does it looks like he is the only one actually playing the game? Lol

TheCubingFox says:

*what rank are you*

Lendoran YT says:

Is the assimov factory new?

Emerald says:


totolos mario says:

are u using awp and glock-17

Bruno Ferreira Pereira says:

Awp Asimov


Spiel mal mit 2 Pistole

Hyper Nova says:

Do another but after you have learned how to flip. Come up behind with a helix. And yes I know its hard as shit to flip with gloves on.

zefu says:

PC specs? Very smooth game play

Simon kowalewski says:

*I have watched this 20 minutes now Wow*

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