Knife Review- $30 CSGO Inspired Galaxy Balisong Knife Trainer (

Knife Review- $30 CSGO Inspired Galaxy Balisong Knife Trainer ( We did a knife review for the knife we received from! They have great knives that have awesome quality:) CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!


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EmberFlaze says:

Balis are illegal in my state, I want another trainer and I’m wondering if it’s illegal to have a Bali if u can sharpen it.

TheBAMFBrothers! says:

Get a b200 its worth it or squid trainer these things are very bad

We Are ArtSea says:


zermal 330 says:


zhengge jin says:

Warning : If your a serious flipper *DO NOT* buy this its shit if you stress it

Sir Pookstir says:

This question is OF great urgency! Is the handle of the knife plastic? Or is it just metal coated with paint?

Binary Astro says:

so my mom said i can buy this if its safe enough. how hard would it be to cut myself with this?

Ninja_boy 22 says:

So it it good that all I wanted to know????

(K12_HN) Doan Quang Huy says:

i want to buy a butterfly knife galaxy version,but i am wondering between black and white version,which version is more beautiful than another?

Johnny Lifeson says:

They are on sale $24.95

HardcoreGamer31 says:

I always go to It’s like the best page in the whole universe



mr night owl says:

i loved this knife i got it a few months ago but pretty fast the latch stopped working and a week later the handle flew off mid trick but its nothing some pliers and a metal slinky couldnt fix

Zachary Bacon says:

Ayyy for the screws can you take them out to put some loctite in it so they don’t fly off?

canal do raposo says:

love your videos PLEASE teach the Y2K rollover

Angela Daniels says:

im getting the black one i was gonna get this one but out of stock

Vapourse says:

Quick tip: since you use an iphone to record go to settings, locate photos and camera, scroll and youll find how many frames per second it can record make it up to 60 frames so you can get a smooth clear and nice videos, and this will work for slo mo and give you a better smooth slo motion video, instead of it being jerky

Dan Lopez says:

Can you pls do a tutorial on fanning with your dragon tattoo butterfly knife. Thx

Travis Campbell says:

when its closed you can pich the handles together and have the lock unlocks itself

Johnny boy says:

Your lucky
I have to buy one with a bunch of ugly holes in the blade because of the laws in michigan

its_not_enrique says:

So who won the challenge

Ploso Games says:

I have the same one

joshua law says:

can i get the link to the exact page for the knife? There are two galaxy knives on mega knife. thx

Radioactive5255 says:

You bitches really just ruing csgo knives for every csgo fan

Keolan Harongsemal says:

when are you guys doing a give away?

SwableBaBmen says:

I want this! Its so cool!

kaitorsthekid says:

cf in the box name :))))

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