Knife Review : Bear-Ops “BearSong IV” (GOOD BALISONG UNDER $100)


Robloxgamer69 says:

i just buy cheap ones and super glue the the screws and they last a long time

Brian Rogers says:

Best balisong for less then $50?

K T krewg 698 says:

Hey Jeff, I just wants to thank you for teaching me how to do the y2k rollover. I also have learned how to do another trick. It’s a vertical rollover my pointer finger, spine of blade and bite handle hits my thumb, and then I turn it so it’s a reversed grip.

kaapo kuokkanen says:

Does anyone know any website that ships these to europe?

Tyler Curry says:

I just bought one of these and now they’re out of stock I must have got one of the last ones

Sexycupcake Rodriguez says:

hey I’m new to flipping I want to buy thisBear OPS B-500 -B Song IV
Butterfly Knife 4″ Black Plain Blade
Sliver Aluminium Handles 35030 can you tell me if it’s any good

TheUnholy57 says:

Quick question : What screwdriver do i need to unscrew the screws so i can loctite it?

Brody Darnell says:

wow 2 years later and you can’t even find the Bradleys

Kody Wellen says:

oooooh its buttery smooooth

Toaster Burns says:

My buttery butterfly knife just broke what kind should i get for cheap

nikolas1145 says:

So i looked into the knife after watching your video, and ended up getting a B-400-AIBD knife as a result of your video. When it arrived in the mail, it came with this slip of paper that says that it gets free sharpening, with 8$ required for return shipping. Do i hold onto the registration form beneath that and send that in with the knife when i need it sharpened or do i send that in for the warranty?

K T krewg 698 says:

2 1/2 days in and the fucking tang pins broke. How can i fix them, does anyone know?

Nau34 says:

I have a question
with tang pins instead of screws that means you can’t take it apart to clean it and can’t locktite them

Dr. Woro says:

I got this knife. It started losing its screws and the latch started falling apart on the first day

George Lilley says:

You should flip while you talk

Burkinater 48 says:

unfortunately the 3 4 and 500 dollar knives will fall apart on u because sometimes they aren’t loctited and they really should be for that price!

TheUnholy57 says:

omfg…. BM 40 series DISCONTINUED, Bradley kimura series DISCONTINUED…. Bearsong… DISCONTINUED >:I , what good balisong can i get for ~$100 now? :/

Ailex Mercer says:

I read an article on good affordable balisongs and it said a good brand was Bear & Son. If anyone has a knife from them would you please tell what you think of them?

Karagor says:


PhoenixGamers says:

i have one of these and the only bad thing is they dont have a spring lock : ( but other than that they are great they even are made in america : )

Hunter Kelley says:

@cutlerylover where can I get a second hand bradley kimura

Big Bungus says:

I finally find a video with a good and not so expensive bali, go to the link aaaand discontinued. ffs.

Ryan Treanor says:

Mines coming on the 21st aha

CHiP the Irisian says:

isn’t this the one you’re giving away?

alittleolder says:

I don’t know what it is but I’ve never really seen the appeal of Butterfly knives. Well I had one when I was in school but these days. They are slower to deploy than any other current knife. Maybe I am missing something.

K T krewg 698 says:

Hey, how has it held up. I want this one but theres also one i want for forty by remington which works better with my budget but i could get Either. Which one should i get


Anyone know a decent heavyweight bali for 50-100 bucks? I picked up a 55 dollar one on sale at a con recently, its not bad but its completely unmarked it feels incredibly heavy but i love the weight because when i flip it it moves without prejudice. Its pin construction, paid 35, ive already dropped it a shit ton (even caused it to tighten up around the latch so its not super loose anymore just from dropping lmfao), decent play in the handles, and rounded handles that are completely one peice that’s milled.

I like the weight, and it can cut. but am looking for something heavy like it. Any ideas? Or am i just better off saving up and waiting a while.

Mj Manbeck says:

i seen this a loooonnngg time ago and balisongs were finally legalized in my state so i bought the larger version (raindrop) and the handles are super long, but blade ops has a good warranty on sharp blades and will sharpen yours for free if you pay for shipping

CoolztuffWithMatt says:


션 Sean says:

I can’t bought that… because I clicked “Add To Cart” But they said “Sorry, the following item is currently out of stock: Bear Ops Blue Bear Song IV Butterfly Knife, 4.25” Satin Bowie Clip Blade”…

worldmasher 123 says:

its 99.999

PS86 Draws Stuff says:

Can we trade? I have a benchmade 0.3 to 85$ to 100$

wiked winter wolf says:

As i was watching this video I tried to turn ff my light and a spark went off and powered down my computer and headset, thanks electricity lol

Fake news,fake tits,real aliens,real sad. - says:

I’m in Australia anyone know how I can get my hands on a butterfly knife?

Lucaasss says:

These are only legal to keep in your home in NY because there is a latch haha.

Knife Lover says:

Huh, a sandwich construction balisong with good quality that doesn’t cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, quick 0-0 someone call CNN

ChildrenOfOwls says:

I have that knife and I actually really hate it, it’s $80 and it’s so small and cheap. I just got a fake benchmark 42 for $30 and it’s exponentially better, doesn’t fall apart or anything.

Tiny Zappel says:

just ordered it and hyped! does anyone know if there are pocket clips i can buy for it? or a sheath?

Logan Serroul says:

What do you think about the trainer version of this knife(i live in canada so i cant get a live blade)

Donald Trump says:

do a review on the elemental knives butterfly knife bc i want to buy one but don’t know if i should

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