Knife Review : Bear Ops Model 500 Balisongs (So Close To Awesome)–Bear-OPS-Bear-Song-500-Butterfly–35877–Bear-OPS-Bear-Song-500-Butterfly–35810


WhenInDoubtSemtex says:

Jeff, looking back at your review of the bear-song IV, it looks like that has the same issues with the screws in the lower handle. What made your opinion change between that knife and this one?

blue4 says:

if you sharpen the other side of blade it will be symmetrical

the youtuber says:

can I have the black find mr on face book

XD Edge says:

Jeff make some more balisong videos please!

Nick Woloshyn says:

can you still get the b400

kieran young says:

Plz respond if u still use this account

Butterfly Effect says:

I would recommend saving up because this knife will break in a few months

dylan nugent says:

Do u have any balisongs for sale

elevated ? says:

the tang pins break fairly easy as well.

Josh Rayburn says:


Chase Stringer says:

please do more balisong stuff

Byron Cowan says:

I honestly thought that the screw placement wasnt on accedent. ops

Weiss Rose says:

I hate the coatings they’re putting on the blades now.

NateWar45 says:

Is it a good flipper?

trashhard jenkins says:


Zuhdj says:

I don’t care about the screws. Is it worth it then

god 43 says:

Is the IV or B 500 better?

Jose Salinas says:

I live in California could I order this and still get it or would my order get cancelled?

FPSGHoST808 says:

The name stamped onto the blade is still shorter than some of kershaw’s designations.
Seriously. The Blackwashed carbon fiber version of a Kershaw Skyline is “1760S30VBCF”
In comparison, bear op’s naming system is short.

Kris Da Bali Guy says:

i would get this to get a CHEEP but not EXPENSIVE knife i could make a double edge knife with it.

Alex Root says:

This is a good knive, the spear point blade you will get used to bouncing on your hand, honestly my only complaint is the tang pins are a bit too long, and sometimes pinch my finger pretty hard

pusongbato19 says:

How are the tang pins after a few months of flipping?

Kai says:

Watching you talking about the butterfly knives in videos while you build up so much suspense before flipping them later on feels like watching porn but not fapping to it

parker glessner says:

just wondering i have a used benchmade 238 model which is a very old benchmade model in decent condition i was wondering what the worth might be ?

Mike r says:

When all you have is 60$ and you thought you could buy a decent butterfly knife

Rice Master says:

can you do a free style vid with these

Derek S. says:

Hey Jeff, I got into balis a few years back and just got a cheap one at a fair… I want a great quality trainer. What is your recommendation?

Nanchi Knives says:

lol man o man is the demand there just can’t find any quality Bali under $100 like u said

Nathan Q says:

Those screws seem to be an aesthetic design choice?

TheMegaWeazel says:

I just received my b-500-b, two days ago, and it does have the screw issue, and the grind issue on one side


What is the difference between the B500 and the B400 model? And which one would you choose?

the balisong flipping channel says:

I have one but my screws are not as bad as that

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