Knife Review : Benchmade Model 67 Balisong

Great balisong if you have the coin…


bensons999 says:

Do you know what a lobotomy is? I don’t think your sentence makes sense. (Unless you cut yourself on the *brain!?*)

Lucas Kellis says:

Just out of curiosity why are balisongs dangerous, as long as you dont grab the bite handle I can not see how the blade can physically come into contact with your fingers.

Casey Edwards says:

i found one of these at a knife shop in portland for 260$ on consignment. It was in great condition. Only thing that made me pause rather then slapping cash on the counter and saying “TAKE MY MONEY”! was that stupid looking blade.

Legend 909 says:

what’s edc im sorry I’m very ignorant

PsychopathicCake says:

So just the other day, I was trying to do a transitional…and somehow…I don’t know how…I messed up and ended up cutting myself pretty bad and got 5 stitches.

This knife is amazingly sharp. 🙂

I’m pretty upset with my knife though…the T latch gets in the way and is very floppy. Gets in the way whenever I get in the way.

It’s worth the money though

Mason Thornburgh says:

Looks expesive

Crafty Fruit says:

That blade is hideous on this knife!! The 42 and 43 works but tanto blade sucks on this. It just looks too long and weird

Evil Morty says:

I do prefer the spear shape blades but its not bad

knight owo says:

the price is right… 😉

Michael Hubbard says:

could you do a tachyon 3 review? I like your reviews!

Kyle Perkovich says:

AWESOME. I greatly appreciate your videos and admire them very much. This one video specifically helped me a ton on picking out my first Balisong. I was originally looking at the model 66 and 67. I waned to really see which one was the better one and this video really helped me narrow my decision. Thank you so much!!!! Big fan of your skills as well.

Pan sage says:

“like flipping a brick” I died

Jake Daily says:

hey how much does a used benchmade 51 go for?

Brady Stickles says:

Almost cried when I saw the 51. I just lost mine a few weeks ago.

Gabriel Tilbury says:

that looks like the spy’s a bit

Edennzz says:

should I get this instead of a 51?

Lucid says:

I started flipping with a knife that was 5.7 oz, then I moved to a 51 Morpho and things honestly were easier right away. I thought I would struggle but the 51 is so good

Greg Silverstein says:

I was under the impression you could carry a balisong in pa

whyterhyno17 says:

Does the latch have a latch gate? Or does it interfere with the blade and other handle?

00skiz00 says:

Pennsylvania pride 🙂

stupid monkey says:

how does this feel to flip compared to a model 30

Eugene Debs says:

When he says to use loctite, is he talking about the glue?

toxic flipper says:

no one buy this knife. check out the brs balisongs. like the blade runner systems alpha beast. this thing I junk for flipping

Raging Demon312 says:

Wait the BM-67 is a sandwhich construction balisong I thought it was a milled construction.

T'khota Tia says:

“When I edc my gun.”

*can legally carry a firearm but not a knife.*

jose paolo Aranda says:

Hello to cutlerylover. I am a fan of your bali and videos and i was wondering if you have ever considered actually getting a traditional filipino made balisong from Batangas. I am from the Philippines and the knives made from Batangas can be custom made and i wanted you to make a video about our balisongs. Thank you


For beginners is better a 62 or a 67??

Dylan Noll says:

Not that I’m a legal expert, but didn’t Commonwealth vs. Miles establish that balis aren’t a prohibited “offensive weapon” under state law and therefore legal to carry in Pa?

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