Knife Review : BRS “Alpha Beast” Balisong


KirbStomp _ says:

When will there be more? they are all sold out and i want one bad

Soundwave _ says:

The blade’s shape looks like the Spy’s.

Kaden Shelton says:

The style of the blade makes me think of a pirate cutlass.

Larry Clapp says:

According to what I am reading here, some subscribers feel that a bali of this quality and price point is, in fact, overpriced….Yes, it is not cheaply price, nor is it cheaply made…there are many balisongs out there for those that do not want to spend their hard earned cash ….but then, once you have bought a cheaper priced and quality balisong, you will forever be haunted by the fact that you should have just held out and saved a little longer for a really extraordinary balisong experience… ….enter the Alpha Beast…..WOW,…….I an a balisong enthusiast, yet just rudimentary in my flipping skills….though, I love the art form, and watching videos of proficient flippers is both entertaining and exhiliarating to me, at one time….I currently own two AB balis, a 3.0 and a Alt AB, with new blade design, which by the way, I absolutely love. Though I am limitied in my flipping abilities as to date, I fully enjoy the smooth transition and ease of manipulation of the AB….if you can find one, get one….save your money….you will spend many, many years flipping, grinning and loving the mastery of balisong, particularly using this incredible knife…Thank you BRS…..Your RULE in the balisong world!!!!!

Topkek kek says:

holy fuck thats a 2.0 isnt it?

Jack Kettles says:

I just bought a 3.0, should I expect to loctite anything? I’m hoping for $370 the knife never loses a latch or anything.

Sean Wortley says:

I asked about 10 people if Balisongs are legal in my country (South Africa) and I got about 3 diferent answeres.

most people said yes, some said no and a lot of people said it’s not legal, but if i got caught with one, I wouldn’t get in any trouble, cuz our police department is SHEEEET

masahito sato says:

a question I am finally gonna buy a ab when it comes out but do the tangcups wear fast if you flip the 24/7???

Daniel Kammerer says:

Jeff! Replicant review anytime soon?

HyenaKingYT says:

If I flip the alpha beast alot, and I mean ALOT, like 8 hours a day, will the tang pin ever be a problem?

_ tetrex says:

God damn this balisong market. Always out of stock on the good quality Balisongs, and always in stock with the shitty bear and sons.

Mike Smith says:

Hello im a fan and thanx for your reviews. I have a Tachyon 3 standard m390 SW and ill add cash amount of your required amount. That said i havnt flipped a bali in 25 yrs. I owe you and Knifeziod getting me back into flipping. That said i missed all the BRS released balisongs im wanting but i have to ask you to think about it. I just bought my Tachyon and found out that its fast and really requires a skilled flipper already so lol i wished i was. I have a receipt for proof of purchase. October 5th 2016 m390 is sharp to. Please let me know your price please


lol he said great for penetration lol

Knife Lover says:

Now Im not a huge fan of sandwich contruction balisongs (I only have bought the cheap ones) but that latch game just made me want it, they need to make a solid handle construction for us heavy flippers out there (5 to 6 ounces)

Erick campanero says:

I’m pretty sure that at this point, nobody thinks of balisongs as criminal weapons, it’s just that nobody knows they exist. The popularity (and legality) of them needs to expand so we could get more mid-range (50~150$) options.

Redeemed says:

I know this is a older vid but thought somebody might be able to help. Just picked up the “bronze” premium ab. Def not crazy about the color but they sold out of the colors I would of wanted before I got money in my account so I took the bronze cause God only knows when more will be more in stock. Been watching and waiting for months to see something in stock somewhere. You literally have a day in most cases to get your order in before they gone. Of corse my transmission went on my truck the day before knife center got them in stock so had to get that Figured out before I could place my order. So the bronze was all they had left by the time I had my money figured out. Figured I could always re anodize it a different color if need be but that’s a whole other issue. Never anodized anything before and I know it’s not hard to do but I want to do it the right way so I can get my colors vibrant. I know knife center had it labeled as bronze which would be a lower voltage which is good. But gold and yellows are done at a higher voltage. Does anybody know for sure these were done a legit bronze and not done other color done in the gold/ yellow Spectrum range. Does look bronze to me but just curious if anybody knows for sure. I been wanting to start screwing around with anodizing anyway because I have a bunch of titanium knives I could have some fun with. Unfortunately most of my titanium knives are not cheap so don’t want to make them my Guinea pig. But have a zt and some pocket clips to dick around with first but will only start looking for supplies if my alpha beast really is bronze. Anybody have a sure answer for me? Thanks in advance

Nanchi Knives says:

for that price you can get one made in the Philippines

Timothy Hammond says:

Hey there, Jeff. I was wondering if you have plans to review a Replicant in the near future? I see the Blade hq is offering a batch online and I can’t seem to find a GOOD review of the knife. Anyway, thanks for all the great vids.

Ailex Mercer says:


ZeftyZerza says:

Can you buy these anywhere anymore, I really want one

Pc Learning says:

if they really lost 1 galon of blood they would only have 0.5 galons left

The M4 Bruh says:

this is my dream knife…… If only i had money.

Christopher Caschette says:

Great insights! Got one of these based on your review. Also got a small Excelsa after listening your review.

Erdna Not says:

i want 1 so bad

Minchit Lay says:

I want one of that then I can finally snap

TheFallenHollow says:

hey Jeff i don’t think your going to see this but would you be interested in selling that knife im really interested in it and would love to have it just wondering rock on dude!

Thelegend 319 says:

How did you do that first opening?

Matikus Prime says:

Cant fucking get one. They are fucking sold out.

Larry Clapp says:

Pavel Dzhurylyuk……You should go to immediately….they have a shipment of PREMIUM Alpha Beasts, with anodized finish and pocket clip….yes, a little more expensive, but trust me, VERY worth it….hurry….I suspect they will not last long….hope you get one and enjoy it…I have a purple one on the way….very excited about the clip too…..let me know if you get one…..

XxlildramaxX says:

Is it possible to get one of these today? Or do you have to get it used from someone?

Pyromaniac says:

Is the “barebones” model of equal quality?

Mike Smith says:

Would you trade a Tachyon 3 or Replicant 2 or both or cash and one

flap donaldson says:

I want one so bad

syracuse orangemen says:

87 is now the king flipper

XxlildramaxX says:

I want one so bad! I am sure I am not the only one too lol

zhengge jin says:

can you get the replicant now?
it’s just about the same price as this now

Brandon Teeter says:

is this the midtech?

Gen.Swat Gaming says:

I was so excited to buy it and then he said the price…………

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