Knife Review : Mini Keychain Balisongs


Never mind my name Man says:

These are legal in Canada believe it or not

Carter Doesburg says:

I’m confused because I don’t know if balisongs are legal in new York state because I heard people say they are because they are not classified as gravity knives but I’ve heard some people say that they are illegal

Magic123 says:

Can i buy ur sister old knife?

Clorox Bleach says:

When its new, its gonna be tight XD

Casey Forster says:

im not even gonna measure it.

(then he measures it)

Morphy says:

Is it just me or does the video say its 1:11:28:08 long

Sparky Editz says:

Are you allowed to have a balisong but not carry it in Pennsylvania

Ýasů0 Thę Ųnf0rgivèn says:

will it still illegal in malaysia?

Anthony Perez says:


miloszplays53 roblox-and more!!! says:

Im in poland bitches a balisong is considered any other knife hehe

Kip Daly says:

In south dakota there’s no knife laws. I carry a buck 119 on hip all the time wherever I go

Link says:

where do you buy? I can’t find anything other than trainers

Eric Ehara says:

I hated this video. .. I wanted to see him flip it for what it felt like the longest time

Daniel5039 GT says:

I have a original balicomb benchmade i got it for 200pesos that is equal to 4 dollers

french toast says:

In the link it’s only reg size trainers

Justin Best says:

Does he ever flip it I kept skipping until I got to 3:56 I just wanna see some tricks bro

Spence Bread says:

I followed the link but there wasn’t any tiny knives

the please enter your gf's # below. thx says:

my first balisong is the California legal one.

Dominic Castro says:

You are now seeing the most deadly keychain

I didn't know what to put as my name says:

Where did he get it from?

Maniac says:

I love living in iowa, the only banned knives are balistic knives. 5 inches or less for concealed carry, and a few other small rules that don’t apply to most knives

Prιsmα says:

although the laws are true about balisongs in CA and i must be under 2”. but any other knife can have any size blade aslong as it it in a sheath and is displayed on your waist.

chaz zirkle says:

your sisters a dick

Zach Fedor says:

Those are very cool night

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

in mah country balisong knives are legal but GODDAMN THEY JUST FREAKING RARE, like almost 0% that a knife store would sell a balisong and if they did sell balisong, the price are just watafak

Sergio Acuna says:

I want one

Azumal och loxmast 123 says:


DovyDasLTGame kofa says:

wtf noob

Nguyen Hai Phong says:

I made a paper vesion of the knife and flipped it in class. the teacher still took it and I was like: “WTF r u bitches doin’ w/ my son” fucking hell took me 2h to make it. took them 2s to take it away. what’s wrong w/ paper??? now i’m suspended for 1 week cos’ of bringin’ wep to school

lexis says:

Isn’t anyone gonna mention the Supreme keychain balisongs?

TheRedPanda says:

I only came here to see you flip it, you didn’t…

яʌ Σ Π shd says:

Yes let’s allow guns in public but we’re going to ban keychain balisongs even though it can hardly do any physical damage.

Henry Bui says:

A zen rollover with that?

Mithrandir says:

pretty sad story ;(

Kevin Nguyen says:

i wonder if its legal in australia

Purple Sticky says:

i love it the laws changed recently where i live you can carry automatics, balisongs, boui, daggers you name it you

leetlebob says:

In Ireland you can’t have them outside your property but you can ship them but not buy sell trade or give in Ireland

André Roos says:

Haha “i will measure it. Its really small.. you know what, no im not even going measure it”
– measures it.

L 7 says:

1:08 anybody else see a couple tears hit the table?

Sasuke Uchiha says:

The balisong has the latch on the side

big dawg99 says:

Thats cool that you brought your sister one bro!

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