Knife Review : “STUBBY” Balisong (Legal To Carry In CA)


Colin Babian says:

Haha what happens if you do a Y2K, wont you stab yourself…

One Punch Man says:

Hello! I’m thinking about getting one of these so it’d be great if you could give me some up to date info on this. Are these still legal to carry in CA or have the laws changed? Do you know any good brands that make any under 2 inch Balisongs? How has this knife held up for you?

5.56 X 45mm says:


Michael Preston says:

So it’s a ‘Calisong’?

Josue Alvarez says:

Can you update a link to purchase it please

Dantes Inferno says:

Well if course it’s a small blade it was made by the Chinese and you they all have plenty of small things so this means that even the knives there are small.
See what I did there lol?

Fyre says:

Is it legal in chicago?

Moslim Islam says:

Is it bladeheavy or handleheavy?

Eddie Bonilla says:

California has a shitload of dumbass laws with knives and firearms. Like WTF.

Catchy, The Artist says:

Balisongs are legal to own now, so thats fun

diction wizard says:

It isn’t size, its what you do with it.

morelli tech says:

Without laws, the government elites would have no power.

Pipe Thrive Survive says:

be really careful because it still classifies as a gravity knife!! do not carry it especially in los angeles. really sucks but that’s commy cali

JirkaCZ says:

ok so in america you can legally buy a minigun but you cant buy a butterfly knife ??? seems legit

Nick Witt says:

it says siainiless lol

TitanBeats says:

is there any type of bali thats legal in CA (i wnat to get a dull csgo one but it is possible to be sharpened so customs will take it)

Luigi Cat says:

I’d be scared to flip that shit

WhoIsLynx says:

This looks like a card knife blade.

riley allison says:

I bet the balance is amazing

Henri Schroeder says:

Where do u get a screw for it

knifeguy Rob says:

California sucks dick

2Jokers says:

No, you can have an any size balisong in your possession, but it has to stay in private property. you just cannot carry a balisong with a blade over 2 inches.

Angel Rico says:

How about Texas ?


Why don’t you flip it :c

ItsZander says:

Also just because you live in California doesn’t mean it is illegal to collect knives, just to carry them. Longer than 2 inches of course.

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