KnifeBox: How To Use A Balisong! Butterfly Knife Basics

Exclusive Rainbow Balisong + Trainer CS:GOBox
This video shows how to properly use a Balisong and how to not cut yourself while trying to flip it or play with it. Following our basic steps will improve your Balisong skills and get you closer to mastering our Exclusive Rainbow Balisong + Trainer CS:GOBox.

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Swegio Martinez says:

Thank you very helpfull

the_rustydoornob says:

Mofo u don’t know how to use those u noob

Chucky says:

that looks insane

Liam O'Neill says:

Are butterfly knives illegal in NY State?

James Knight says:

Buttery smooth flips xD

Gavin Holder says:

Thank you very cool

Elijah Elliott says:

This is cool as

Slayer2000 says:

Sadly these are illegal in Colorado but this really sick

Arthur Rivera says:

I wanna start a sword collection but can’t get the money to start one

Clayton Zofka says:

I’m thinking of getting the may sword box

Cutest dog Cute dog says:

Omg i love it thank you for help

Alec Londeree says:

commenting to try and win the sword again it’s a beaut and I already have the knives from you all so why not add a sword?

Nexus says:


Crimshaw Kings says:

Don’t stop posting on YouTube and snapchat

Crimshaw Kings says:

Thanks this really helped you guys are awesome

Fab 1321 says:

Thx you’re the best

Crimshaw Kings says:

Awesome I want one from you guys the one I got broke

Switchbeck says:

Nice bailsong….whatever that is

Nathan Watson says:

Love it

Óscar Marcos Parra says:

More videos of this type, please, tanks

Jay Bee says:

Obnoxious, nauseous

FirstPeriodMusic says:

Great tutorial!

Dylan Taylor says:

Very good info thanks

Ayverson Romero says:

Man I would like to have one

Arend Delporte says:

Yu are so bad at flipping that knife.

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