Mantis “Bottleneck” (Possibly The Worlds Most Useless Knife/Balisong)

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Mike Baxter says:

I think it’s OK! … I mean not for something you’d carry around as you noted, but if it was $12 I’d but one just to keep in the kitchen drawer as a conversation piece, or open bottles.

liam meath says:

Anyone swindled one into Australia lmao?

PredatoryHype says:

Damn, am I the only one that kinda likes the design? Its unusual…

Crazy The Hotdog says:

How do you open it like other balisongs if its double edged

เห้ยย'เกอร์' อะจึ๋ยย says:

This small

Dan says:

Illegal in Germany, like the most knives…

Frank J says:

Can’t carry ballisongs in Illinois, but we can own them

Alexander A. Maurstad says:

it’s the only legal version of a balisong in norway

Brandon Cornett says:

I’m happy to see im not the only person that thinks this is a POS but then again I’m not a mall ninja..

stabulous Koda says:

could someone dull the edges down to try and flip and do bali tricks with..?

alisha rivera says:

Check out bench marks para trooper swing blade its a fun unique blade, S&W and I think cold steel had a old version but the bench marks is more square then rectangle feels better in hand

Avi • says:

It’s just a fucking sharp piece of metal, how it this illegal. Why can people bring a giant knife that is fixed blade, but because it opens different, you can’t use it.

newcoyote says:

I swear someone just set up Mantis Knives to punk us all.

Chris Holehouse says:

West Virginia you are not aloud to carry anything that classifies as a “dagger”. AKA no double sided blades.

Pavel Dzhurylyuk says:

Jeff I know you smoke pipes and im pretty sure you use a lighter to smoke there’s a great thing a picked up from being a stoner it’s this magical thing called hemp wick trust me I’ll make the tobbacos taste be more pronounced and you’ll save butane also there’s a lighter that called the clipper lighter that’s great for pipe smokers you should try those 2 thing out

jaime munoz says:

Please review more stuff form the mission 32 battle box

xxdexxterx x says:

What knives are legal in Florida I tried looking it up but it wasn’t clear enough

Epic Gamer says:

In Minnesota you can only carry 3 inch knives

Tyler Keith says:

Bali stuff!!!lol it’s a shame people can’t carry what they want….in TN I can carry any design regardless of blade length or double edge…i think brass knuckle designs are the only real exception..brass knuckles are illegal to carry pretty much everywhere…go figure

N7lonewolf says:

New Zealand its illegal to carry any kind of knife unless you have a job that really needs a knife
And balisongs and automatic knifes ate illegal so that sucks

Timothy Voorhees says:

Does anybody know a really good knife brand

Mega Chigger says:

Did you post where to get one? It looks like something I would put in my collection. Get back to me if you can.

Bob says:

No daggers in Jersey. Double edged blade makes it a dagger.

Tyler Snyder says:

This is the epitome of mantis knives.
This really sums up the whole company.

Kaylynn Strain says:

guess it’ll go into your bottle opener collection

Sam Beijer says:

I want to buy a brs barebones trainer but my mother only allows me too spend 150 and the brs bearbones is 200 do u know where i can get one cheaper ore can u advice me what too buy instead i hope u can help me out sam 14

FlamQ Dbltap says:

The Hawks must be up there in their mountain retreat smoking dope. Or something else that leads to sleep deprivation. SMH

NavyKnights says:

Im pretty sure they changed the laws for ballisongs in pa

Bill Call says:

One more person, G&G Hawk fans. That’s the only reason I bought one when I saw it for $10 on ebay.

gambit3le says:

Twin point? More like pointless.

NYBlues says:

Hey Jeff… great review as usual, haven’t been to your chnn in a while, def need to catch up now.

I’m not sure if you regularly check comment on every vid but lost your email so figured I just drop this here for you. I follow Dan Bongino on Facebook and occasionally listen to his podcast… he’s former secret service and gives intelligent commentary on various subjects mainly revolving around current politics. He’s been recommending a dry fire laser bullet targeting system, called, and altho I see you seem to stay away from the subject of guns lately in your vids, I immediately thought of you when looking up their website. This tech seems like some really revolutionary for practicing use with a firearm safely at home… so what’s your opinion and view of it?

Robert JB says:

I wouldn’t touch it with a 39 and a half foot pole

Josef Stalin says:

Over here in Oregon you can carry pretty much any knife but you can only conceal pocket knives of a certain length or under. Its apparently perfectly fine to walk around carrying a ballistic knife

MrOpinion says:

seeing that thing made me physically ill…………

Ross Parker says:

I live in a state that categorizes carrying anything automatic, Derk like and balisongs are all considered the same here, so as a big fuck you to the law I made myself a Derk like automatic balisong and I still have it here somewhere

NinjaRider777R says:

The blade is double edged, which means its illegal to carry in Texas despite the length.

ShellShock794 says:

And then there’s Idaho, you can open carry any knife and conceal carry any knife with a blade under 4 inches…….unless you’re 21 or have a CCW.

You could mail me a 50 inch automatic balisong gravity sword with 15 locks and I could legally carry it at the park

Luke Almquist says:


Tim Koontz says:

Some gave me a tanto version of that thing as a gift. I took the clip off and it lives on my desk to open my beers and packages. I would say I have opened over 5 cases of beer with it and it works great as a bottle opener.

Wyatt Sickler says:

Unless there’s some new law that has been passed, you can carry a balisong in PA. In PA, balisongs aren’t considered a gravity knife for some reason so all you need to do is follow regular knife laws. Don’t have any illegal intent, don’t carry it into schools or whatnot, etc. I’m from around the Scranton area and I’m also not a lawyer. Make sure you do your own research and make your decisions upon it. I’ve carried my alpha beast every day on my belt when I’m in PA.

SuperNova PG3D says:

A double edged balisong? WHAT?

qtpie senpai says:

i tried to check my rights as a person living in the uk but i couldnt because i dont have any

Lee Hart says:

what is a balisong?

Mogur33 says:

Used one at work, pops up sprinkler heads and dandelions.

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