Maxace DMG Balisong Unboxing and Review. Best $100 Balisong / Butterfly knife.

Whats shaking homies today I got a sweet balisong up for unboxing and review. This is the newest balisong from Maxace and retails for $120. This is a great balisong that really fills the void in the market for $100 balisongs that are really good. In this video I do a full unboxing and review of this butterfly knife. If you want to pick one up you can get one here. . I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

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It's Donovan says:

U should do a $50 ball song review

Harrison Clark says:

Are the handles very thick, are they square like a squid or thinner, I’m thinking about getting one

Kayla Galley says:

After locktiti g it will it last for ever cause I’m sick of them breaking in a bay

Priebe419 says:

Seems to be a great review like everyone of your reviews! Keep up the great work. You really deserve more recognition!

Stove says:

How do the scales feel, texture wise? My only reservation that I have is that they look.. uncomfortable.

David Beckman says:


Nanchi Knives says:

Man so cool link didn’t work for me

Turkey Mann says:

im a big fan i love your vidoes

Jabe Boyatt says:

I have a barebones 2.0 and im incredibly satisfied

Eli Manley#1 says:

First comment

jorge the dog says:

dat thumnail do

Justdoit!!! you're the best says:

I’m really digging that chicken wings tho.

Kayla Galley says:

And I was going to buy a bear ops b500 but it’s got bad reviews like all the other I’ve looked up

Mr. Awesome AJ says:

Did the trainer blade automatically come with it or did you have to ask

Kayla Galley says:

Did it brake in a day cause I’m sick of buying them of amazon for close to same prices but brake in a day is this worth it or is it going to last a life time.

bon 3 says:

영상을 보고 maxace dmg 구매 했습니다 감사합니다!

captain gromcracker says:

Can you do more trick tutorials

Neil Jack says:

Great review. You mentioned blade sharpness and sharpening. Looked in past vids and didnt see .what is your preferred sharpening method. Tutorial would be cool. Keep up the hard work.

MEME star says:

Dylan Kowalski I have been wondering if you have an Instagram because I really want to do a flipping collab with you! please get back to me!

Thicc Boi says:

has balis worth hundreds and he cant do a eight ball without stopping??

Peyton puckett says:

Review a squid trainer

Pierced From Within says:

Btw what exactly dont you like about the barebones? Lol for not owning one and spending time with it, its strange how you can say its absolute garbage… aside from tap mine has been dropped on concrete a hundred times, still has a tip, same amount of play out of the box, and flips the same… idk i just feel people hop on the bb hating bandwagon even when they haven’t owned one.

Blade Kick says:

Hey man barebones i love. But to each their own. Like urvids .

HowToDrinkBleachAndNotDie says:

Real questions tho why u putting it on chicken for the thumbnail?

Vivek Devkar says:

Do you know ‘Vivek Singh’ ?

Turkey Mann says:

Your a really good MMA fighter aswell

Eli Manley#1 says:


It's Donovan says:

And i love your videos

Jack Dorsey says:

Wait, doesn’t dhgate sell fake stuff? Is that worth to buy there??

StuNNeR says:

“440c has a better edge retention than m390” I heard it all…

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