Microtech Tachyon III (Amazing Quality Balisong No One Talks About Much)


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Electro says:

I would spend the extra money on titanium… if I could find one. There are specific balisongs that are harder to find. BRS, I can’t find a new one. 29 knives, can’t find one. Titanium tach 3 …


Inb4 the Death Grips and CSGO memes

Brandon Cornett says:

I personally don’t like the choice in aluminum grade. They do flip great but some people think the handles are soft. That’s only a problem for people who can’t flip well.

Moose says:

Jeff I love you but I hate you right now. That’s my grail knife that I’ll never be able to afford ;-;… I want one with the black scales and bronze blade/hardware some day!!!

AHybridWolf a says:

My right ear enjoyed this video.

Matt Rucker says:

This is why we don’t like the Tach 3:
Microtech is the Apple of the blade community. Anti consumer bs, and largely overpriced products for the specs and quality you ultimately get. They rely on hype and brand popularity to move products, while simultaneously hoping that consumers don’t ask why they are paying three arms and a leg for aluminum that won’t last a generation. They do this with not just this balisong, but their “ultratech” series and so on.

Meanwhile, most flippers are about specs and performance. So this implemented money hungry business tactic didn’t fly with us, nor should it ever.

Mixed Martial Anime says:

when and how did balisongs get cool? i dont see them in movies or mentioned in media anywhere. guessing after ww2 with returning soldiers or filipinos in california

Tyler Woolstenhulme says:

Only thing I don’t like about it is how damn light the handles are

Metal Lizard says:

Its nice. Kinda. The bearings get really scrunchy after flipping and the blade bias is terrible. The handles never hold momentum. Looks sweet as hell though. Good edc. Awesome latch.

TKO593 says:

This is not a beginners bali. I feel it’s easier to learn with a more balance or handle bias weight. The aluminum handles don’t carry momentum as well and you must have your technique down to flip smoothly.

John Calvert says:

If any of y’all are interested in high quality U.S. made vintage unused knifes come checkout my eBay account at texastreasuresandtrinkets. All items are unopened pristine knifes from the 70’s and 80’s with exceptionally competitive pricing.

uoyalberry says:

The gus shirt man

Troy Wheatley says:

Jeff… youve ruffled some feathers here 😉
Youd think we were debating religion & politics here lol
Thanks for the look bud

Tyler Snyder says:

That’s surprisingly good looking, most microtech knives are ugly in my eye but I like how this looks.

Murphyz Law says:

Great video man, i did a review of this knife on my channel, blade ops sent me a damaged one by mistake, and i did a follow up video with the new knife. What was interesting was the first knife had elmax blade steel, and the second had M390 which i was happy about, anyway, it is a sleeper, i think it flows great with the bearings.

Strangerandprimo Gang says:

I wish company’s would send me knifes I definitely need a new balisong

Pierced From Within says:



I love tach 3s I will be picking one up really soon. I just wish microtech made a turquoise one!

Dalton Vann says:


Christopher Daffron says:

Carried mine almost every day for a few years. Worth every cent and I enjoy the flipping action more than my Replicant. Mine has held up admirably with nothing but simple occasional cleaning.

HazzaFPV says:

So I take it the $13 micro tech on DHGate is a clone haha. Probs still gonna get it tho sorry guys

Logan Blomquist says:

When you pronounce “Tachyon” as “Tackin”

Michael Minchew says:

Lol you need to contact the company to take the clip off

Nicer Knifes says:

You often I hear you saying there aren’t that much high end balisongs. But actually there are a ton. Talisong, Maxace, Jerry hom, customs like Santiago knives, atropos knives …

Coda says:

Oh my god thank you so much Jeff for posting this because I was literally thinking whether or not I should buy a tachyon 3 for specifically flipping. And now I can safely rest my should and invest into one. Also is there a chance you get to review something from Him Design? Because I really want someone’s opinion on one of those. Also I have a question. Who are Biegler Bladework? If you go to Blade HQ and go to recent bali songs they put up like 5 of them and they are already selling out like crazy. Do you know anything about them?

To the point sharpazzhell says:

Let me ask you guys a question if you have to pick unbiased would you pick a Microtech tachyon 3 or a roton usa

lit sci says:

Rule One of knife reviews: Notice how the name has been pronounced by every other person on YouTube and/or look up the name and pronunciation in a dictionary. Just sayin’.

RustyNuggets says:

For future reference it’s pronounce tacky-on or tack-key-on

Mukoki AppMuk says:

For 300$ u get al handles and TOOL yeah baby

Remove Kebab says:

They have new knives and a sak clone at walmart you should do a video

stcrist241 says:

I have one and after flipping it enough you’ll notice that the tang pin actually dents the aluminum into the blade and makes it “stick”. My opinion is that the blade is great, the choice of options for colors are great, the aluminum however is not a sturdy enough metal to handle the flipping.

lit sci says:

Here’s a thought: Don’t “flip” it. Use it as a . . . . . . cutting tool. Radical, I know.

Xtremefireworks NL says:

Now That’s a cool balisong, sadly theyre illegal here in holland, my edc is a cold steel ti lite 4. Anyways, keep up the good work man

bakergannon says:

Thanks for the video, my tachyon 3 is a good knife but my rep flip’s better

RedOrb says:

Yeah but it’s soooooo blade heavy. I love the tach 3, but chaplains are impossible and its overpriced. A lot of people sell theirs for $100 less than they bought it because that’s its true value and the custom hardware is annoying and they don’t give you the tool to take off the clip

Maxwell Clemens says:

Hey show a cheap otf

freedoomed says:

I have one in black with stone washed blade. so smooth.

Asian Potatoes says:

No one talks about it much because it is trash. (FOR FLIPPERS)
1. Very very very blade heavy
2. Aluminium
3. Tangpins have horrible qc
4. Overpriced
5. Also propreitary hardware in a balisong is a no

dassit mane says:

Now we can’t trust his sponsored reviews

Lil Jimmy says:

I started off with a really blade heavy trainer so this thing might no be a bad choice for me.

sathra117 says:

im normally not a fan of balisongs but recently the different colors on these microtechs are really fun as well the latest benchmade bali they just put out. I am really gravitating towards the brous blades balisong as I am loving it’s design.

YATS says:

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drainoman35 says:

Tachyon is pronounced tak-ee-yon, Jeff. Cmon man, it’s referring to a hypothetical particle in physics that moves faster than light.

Steele D says:

Death grips

Mike Jiddrar says:

Any tips on a cheap(er) quality balisong?

Brandon slays says:

If you can get one for under 250 * I see new ones selling for like 220* it’s worth it. $300 this knife isn’t worth it.

SolaireFlair says:

Got one of these in the mail just today, as a matter of fact. My first bali was a Bradley Kimura III, so this one is a pretty significant change from that, but I really like the feel. Will take time to learn how to do my usual stuff with such a light flipper though. I had gotten really used to the rather heavy Kimura.

Nicer Knifes says:

I thought the Aluminum tach 3 had elmax?

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