NEW Benchmade 87 Butterfly Knife at SHOT Show 2017 | Knife Banter Ep. 8

Ben sits down with the guys at Benchmade Knives to talk about the new Benchmade 87 Balisong (Butterfly) Knife. Check it out here:–Benchmade-87-Ti-Bali-Song-Butterfly–51596?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=benchmade%2087%20balisong%20butterfly

Squidmaster23’s Benchmade 87 Comparison:


Seven says:

except for the latch, i’d still prefer the 42

Ludovic says:

500 bucks

aung Pyae KHAING says:

i went to buy balisong from amazon but Amazon is not in myanamar

Hyrdo says:

funny how a guy that helps makes balisongs cant do one of the most basic tricks

Ruby the Q of T says:

Can you get it in a trainer form?

feng Guo says:

beautiful,love this.

Ivan Stojaković says:

I want a 42 with 87 style blade and ofcourse milled handles

nate._.thomas says:

I kinda like it

Seallupus says:

Just remaster the damn 42!!!!

TalV eDavid says:

what is the device that on the table?

Im A Muffin says:

Just bring the 42 back there is no beating it

Tristan Ortiz says:

He compared that to the replicant get out of here

John Garcia says:

If only I can afford it

Di Falt says:

lol why you dont drop 42 ?

Anh Triệu says:

Sorry, this is too radical a design for me. I’ll stick with the classic 42.

Empty Man says:

I love Benchmade but everything they make is expensive

Sniperproze says:

Can u guys set up in the Philippines pls?

It is 12 o'clock says:

You do realize that they are $600 for a reason right? They are that expensive because you can own them now and your great-grandson can also own the exact same knife. They are made to last with high quality tools and materials. If you want the prices to go down then why don’t you support actual legitimate companies made in the USA so that the prices have to compete. If they notice that more people are starting to stop pay that price and go to other companies made in the USA then they will effectively have to lower their prices so that the general public can actually afford them. But if you’re buying from a fake Chinese company they don’t get to see those records. Nor would they ever be able to see that purchase because they are fake rip-offs and those Chinese companies don’t want to lose jobs. If you want them to lower the prices over time then support other USA companies. And not only that but if more more people do this these other companies will be able to afford better machinery and also better materials. That means that there is more competition between the other brands versus that one extremely high end brand. What you’re trying to do is force them into making prices cheaper. Use your basic economics to figure this crap out people.

Mika Seibel says:

for $100 more you could get a bc midtech from palethius why would I spend $600 on a production bali, but it does look pretty cool

Zlothra says:

That sheath is pretty cool, are they going to be selling just the sheath? Or does anyone know of a similar sheath being sold currently?

Gawei Pang says:

I’m hoping on the 40th anniversary they’ll bring back the 4x series

brendan oneill says:

I hope that it at least comes with different blade options

454charing says:

best fidget spinner

Knifiac says:

fuck if you can mill out an 87 you can start milling 42s instead of casting them

Bash Bash says:

Filipino Balisong ! The best, the beast.

1solojc says:

when people are thirsty enough they drink the sand

Frank Bui says:

Anyone know why they went for tang pins instead of zen pins?

DoritoKiller says:

510$ lol

Mr. Cheez-it says:

Can someone please tell me why the benchmade 42 is discontinued

JustSome Dude says:

Cant wait for THE ONE at dhgate to produce his copy of this over priced bali. Ill get a good copy for $75 lol

Christian Turner says:

I wish bladeHQ guys would learn how to flip lol

DJEyelessPyro says:

Omg worst anniversary gift ever

AnimeLapse says:

Wow, ok, I understand that Titanium isn’t super cheap, but It only takes 2 hours for you guys to make the handle for a knife? Why not make more? All you freaking do is put the damn block of titanium in there and press a button for the automated machine to machine out the metal… It’s kinda frustrating to think that they would end such a successful knife like the 42 when they could make a comeback with it.

Jacob tyler says:

too expensive for my taste

Chris Armstrong says:

going to have to save some coin to get one to replace my EDC, which I purchased in 1988 or 1989. Yup, I am one of the lucky few that still own a model 42.

Prinzmetal49 says:

This guy’s flipping technicque. Wow!

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