REAL CS:GO butterfly Knife ‘Blue Steel’ Quick Review (Viewer’s Choice)

You guys kept asking, and now it’s finally here!
The Real Life Cuts CS:Go Butterfly knife Trainer in ‘Blue Steel’ !
Like the Knife? get yours here:

Cuts website:

No-music version:

Song: Human Heart |BY: Mikael Persson
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


Noble World says:

Is this a tranny knife

Tobias Larsen says:


PixelYT says:

just got mines today the Seller is blade.addict

Lenny says:

Soo ehh? I just bought a knife from cutss because i want to get in to flipping but i just read that curved handles makes it really hard… Is that true?

isaiah villatuya says:

For some reason when I’m about to order one it says transaction failed , anyone know how to fix it?

WheelBite ASMR says:

is this legal in america ?

Jonny Harvey1 says:

Do they hurt you them knifes from cutss?

Eli Barzvi says:

are they sharp or are they trainers

RealmOfRBLX says:

fuck why u outside?

Blue Gaming says:

check out the autotronic butterfly knife

Shape Shifter says:

Can you get this out of the US?

slick [brackets] says:

I dont plan on doing some insane super cool tricks with this, just some small tricks and wont flip it too often, will it get loose or anything like that?

photography on the cheap says:

Which do you like better this one or the rainbow looking one

Bobo says:

Bought it with my own money guys just to let you know

Schrade22 says:

I got this one

TheFieryFoxy says:

I have a fade one

Nafen.Nguyen says:

Seriously. People still buy these crap knives. Those are nothing compared to a actual high quality balisong made by BenchMade or BRS. I get it it’s looks nice and it’s cheap. You can collect it because it’s from a game that many people like. But still. The knife is crap. Just because it has a high quality finish doesn’t mean it’s a good flipper. This is just my opinion. But if you want to flip some butterfly knives, DO NOT USE THESE. Buy an actual one and stop being a wuss and collect and flip trainers. All the money you spent on these Cs Go knives could be used to buy a BenchMade 51 Morpho which would last me a lifetime, while, flipping those Chinese made butterfly knives would only last you maybe less than a year.

Jason Xiong says:

Got a green one for my birthday I tried doing a trick and cut myself :c

Black Ice says:

I ordered this design

Bradyn Rhue says:

i literally just ordered the gamma dopler knife

tiger wolf says:

Why is there 666

John Larsson says:

I think there 50 percent off right know so now the time to get them.

Brandon Fischer says:

I love you a knife reviewer but I hate the knifes you review get a benchmade 51 or brs barebones

TheNatBat says:

How long is shipping?

Jay Lin says:

how long did it take to arive?

NotHappyMan says:

Why are we such fucking pussies in denmark… You cant even own a fucking trainer knife?

RealBoy907 says:

If i was to get one would i be able to sharpen it?

DJ Deez says:

I mean of course it would wear off overtime, then you can say that is, fac new, field tested, min ware, or battle scarred 😉

Emazing extras says:

is it a real blade

Josh Hernandez says:

Wait it’s not sharo

Jonathan Brown says:

Do these come with a sheath?

Loading Name says:

Are real butterfly knives made of stainless steel ??

Octapusal says:

how long does it take to get delivered to you?

Mike Honcho says:

If you sharpen knives like these with a simple pocket knife sharpener will it mess up the paint job?

TheLego Maniac says:

Donate one 2 me plz if you do give me the worst I live in Sweden could you do that plz you have so many

Gerald The sea lion says:

I was able to do all my tricks.
Open, close, open, close

Isaac Price says:

Tried to buy that exact knife wouldn’t let me complete the transaction. Kinda mad.

Filip The Wanderer says:

Does the knife come sharp or blunt?

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